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60's Riddler Question Mark Brush

By DJCoulz
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A free brush of the Riddler's question mark from the 60's Batman show.

I actually made this by hand for a picture I'm working on and I figured other people might like it. It's not perfect because it's not a vector, but it's smooth enough for being done with the brush tool.

It's for Photoshop, but if you can make your own brushes here's the transparent one: [link]

How to install brush;
-Hit download to get the .zip folder
-Unzip folder and extract .PSD file
-Open PSD file in Photoshop
-Go to; Edit>Define Brush Preset
-Name your brush and click OK and you should have it in your brushes :D

If you don't know how to unzip google it. It's not too hard.
Enjoy! and let me know if you use it! :D
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Thanks, this is fantastic! I need great Mysterion Question mark.
modestgoddess's avatar
Can you make one for GIMP?
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Thanks man! and really easy to turn into a vector file too!
I'd like to use this as well... Thanks so much!
I will be using it !!!!!!!!!!. Thank you