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For those who've noticed my absence in the past few months, it all comes from several factors

Most importantly I'm back in school and writing my thesis amongst other classes.

2nd most importantly I'm concentrating what little creative time on my music, which has always been my primary mode.

I will have a large visual art stint next semester when I get to learn MAYA for a class. Expect to see some new postings then, but probably not before.

Thanks to those who could give a crap what i'm up to and good luck to all

I keep forgetting this thing has a journal

The laptop crisis of months ago was solved without a loss of hardrive.

My art continues here. My Music continues elsewhere.

I'm doing a whole series of fractals based on the same concept as theo ne posted earlier. Expect to see one every few days for a while.

I have a paper to be writing so I'll sign off again, possibly for another month or two...

>> DJB
So the laptop that holds my whole life has gone down hard.

I can't even boot to safe mode and my XP cd is out in NY at school.

Dont expect to see new renders anytime soon. There's Zero doin artistically on my end until I get my rig back together.

I'll try to keep an eye on the forums anyway so I dont miss all your wonderful artwork.

>> DJB
Well here it is, the new DA account.

I've been itching to put some of these renders online for people to see

Lets see how this goes

>> DJB