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I've just finished updating my gnome-buuf iconset with the
Deuce iconset fron Mattahan. I hope You will like It.

Thanks to mattahan for His awesome work.

ps: please tell me if you want me to change something.

release note :

1.1-R8 - Updates to fit Ubuntu 9.10
© 2007 - 2020 djany
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You are an Artist! Thanks.

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Это круто.
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How do I charge it on xubuntu 14.04?, thanks
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doesn't come with allot of icons :p such as blue green finder icon, lots of others plzz fix :p
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pls update to fit 12.04
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How about a non-7zip upload? my Fedora Gnome3.2 refuses to open 7zip files... Looks cool though.
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yum install p7zip
p7zip -d Gnome_Buuf_Deuce_1_1_R8_by_djany.7z
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норм так)) красава
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love this set, have been using it for years
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Let's get it updated to Ubuntu Natty Narwal!
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Solution to the visualization of graphical environment Minitube in Ubuntu Satanic Edition

Hello, who have the same error, the solution is to change the icon theme, and that only happens in Buuf, Buuf Deuce, Revenge, but not the same thing happens in Sanguine, as this folder contains the right sizes for actions of the application.
You will appreciate the designer's art, to correct this flaw, as it is very unpleasant aspect of the environment in the operating system.
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Anyone who throws a DOOM icon into a set is a badass in my book. Thank you for the excellent icons!
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Really nice icons! :+fav: Using them now :]
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Lovely icon set :>
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You rule. And thus, you should make a rule in which you are granted an extra day weekend day a week, because you are that cool.
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hm. no icon for chromium? :(
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And what about icon for Skype? :)
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amazing! ty for share it
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whoa.these are awesome.seriously thanks a ton.
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