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This is my first iconset (iconpack)
Please tell me if you want me to change or add things
Thanks Mattahan for the buuf icons.

PS: change extension from .bz2 to .tar.bz2

Changes 1.7-r2 :
Other changes to fit with gnome 2.20.
Add some icons in devices
Add icons for Avahi.

Changes 1.7-r1 :
Change to fit with gnome 2.20.
Change some gtk's icons
Add emotes.
© 2006 - 2021 djany
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davidbarcomb's avatar
Excellent work. Well done!
ademalsasa's avatar
How to create one of these icons, Djan? Thanks.
HpZ's avatar
how do I install them? I want theme on AWN but its a weird file type and wont open.
IanWoods's avatar
Theme finished I linked to this page
IanWoods's avatar
I am in the process of creating a theme for ubuntu based on these icons I managed to inbed your icons into the clearlooks theme engine as that is the default metacity theme engine I am using.

Thanks for all your hard work !
IanWoods's avatar
Ooops I guess you'd like a preview ;)

Okay, I had to go back and reinstall Linux again. I figured out how to install this thing easily. If you change the filename extension of the file you have people download from just .bz2 to .tar.bz2, then people can just drag and drop the file onto the GNOME theme manager.
I still love this icon theme. I just built a new Ubuntu Gutsy box and had to search all over the place to find it so I could use it on my new box like I did on my old box. I like this icon theme a lot better than the Buuf Deuce one you did.

The file that you've got people downloading is either a .tar.bz2 file or a .bz2 file. I can't tell by playing around with command line utilities here. In any event, that file name ends in .bz2. This .bz2 file contains one file that doesn't have any file name extension, but it is a tar file, I think.

It's really just this second file (the one I think is a tar file) you should have people downloading. gzip (or bzip) this second file and name it .tar.gz (or .tar.bz2) and have people download that one. Then, people can just drag and drop this .tar.gz file onto the GNOME theme manager to install it.

As it is now, people have to unpack the outer .bz2 file, then install the one file that it contains. I don't even know if they have to rename this inner file as I never tried it in trying to figure out how to install this thing...
light50's avatar
angrykeyboarder's avatar
Changing extension.

If you just change yours from .tar.bz2 to .tbz your problem (and ours) will be solved. :)
adamorjames's avatar
When I click download it shows r-1. Please update!
xirixi's avatar
Along with Somatic, this is my all-time favourite icon theme for Gnome :)
Please may you add an icon for GnomeBaker?
JimField's avatar
Yeah but you didn't create these icons :|
IanWoods's avatar
No but he worked haed none the less and we are better of for it .
JimField's avatar
IanWoods's avatar
oops I meant hard
I have never said I did.
frontsideair's avatar
Nice job man ^^ Loved the icons. And I think when you upload, dA changes all the dots except the last one to "_" character. That must be the problem.
hundone's avatar
Btw, the fileformat was invalid.
Had to install i manually.. :)
hundone's avatar
Finally I found it! :D
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