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Gunslinger Adept

"Gunslinger Adept" Character Archetype for Shadowrun 5th Edition Core Rulebook.

For those curious, I based this on Ghost Crow, a character I'd been running for about 4/5 years now. One of the perks of being a dedicated gamer AND a freelance illustrator are the times when you're given an assignment and you already happen to have a great starting reference from all the in-game sketches you've already done!

It's hard to express just how intrigued and excited I am pondering all the new directions people will take their own personal "Ghost Crows", and all the fantastic new identities his image may assume or inspire.

After all; The moment you crack open that book, and flip open to the Gunslinger Adept? That's all you. A badass blank slate. So rack those slides, spin those pistols, and spout off a one-liner or two, because you're about to be an all new kind of gunfighter.
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Literally my favorite illustration in 5e and what made me say "This is the type of thing I wanna play.". Great work!

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As I've opened the SR5 rulebook like a few years ago this art was the one piece that stood out to me and I thought I want to play this guy. He looks so damn cool!

I have been looking obsessively for this photo for a week. It is actually the only reason I signed up for deviant.

I have been playing a character that is based on this photo, but I could not find it. I am so happy! This is such an amazing piece of work.

Is there any way I can get this as a print? It's so amazing, I love it!
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Dude. I played this character last week and it is dope as shit! I was dodging bullets, calling shots, and taken names man! Completely accurate representation of the adept man!
I love 5e's art so fucking much. It's really a shame that the editing and formatting in it are so bad. Good thing for deviantart.
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Ouh that's awesomely great ! Love it !
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Haha, Thank you!
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You are awesomely welcome ! ^_-
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Would love to see more of this character.. Amazing.
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Me too! XD I'm hoping Catalyst lets me throw him into more illustrations, as he ended up rather baller. ^_^
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Oh, that one's from you?! Great work!
I love this piece since I first saw it.
Really dig the tattoos on his arm, I actually thought about copying those for my "cybersleeve"!
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Thank you! I've thought about getting that ink myself! This one remains one of my favorite pieces. 
This is probably the coolest SR piece I've ever seen.
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Excuse me while I still drool over this magnificent artwork...
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Just picked up the latest rulebook a few weeks ago, and this is hands-down one of my favorite illustrations from it!  Excellent job of creating a character with tons of personality in a single image, he really looks like he's right at home with all the falling rain and flying lead.
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This one is genuinly hard for me to comment on, because I love this particular piece of yours so fucking much. Sorry for the language, but I had to vent that. It struck me the first time I ever touched the SR5 rulebook, stood out immediatly, instantly turned the Adept into my favorite. Such a dynamic, cool, finely executed, stylish artwork, such a brlliant character design. That sense of calm magical superiority over a lethal gunfight situation. Those gangsta gunslingin' hands! All the detail of his tats, equipment, clothes, warpaint, pose, gear... that smile! He's an elf! He's hooded! He looks like he could wipe the floor with Neo in a bullet-timed gunfight. It's everything an RPG character artwork should be: It makes you want to play that character (class) sooo hard.

Let me close this off with an anecdote: During game prep, my GF was late to the class picking party and immediatly bummed because the Decker slot was already filled. All I had to do was show her this very picture, and she immeditaly lit up with YES, I'LL HAVE THIS INSTEAD. THIS IS THE COOLEST THING.

Says it all, I think. Clap 
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That is quite possibly one of the best comments and compliments I have ever gotten. XD Thank you so much! I put a lot of hard work into the Shadowrun artwork, and sometime the combination of life, deadlines, and the difficulty of the work itself can really break down an artists spirit to paint. When that happens, it comments like these, and fans like all of you that keep us going. 
With that, I think i can get back to fighting through these newest pieces. ^_^

Thank you again so much! You guys are amazing. 
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You're welcome, and again, thank you so much. I know what you mean- Godspeed with your latest work! Can't wait to get my hands on it. I am a dummy! 
Ooooh that boy badass
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Actually, this works well for an old Shadowrun 1st edition character of mine. An elf street samurai simply named Katana.
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