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Crusher -Havok Bullet Time-

"For a moment, it was like time stopped, and you could feel the pop; the warm pulse in the air from every shot fired, the chiming keen of glass shattering all around him..."

Crusher, an Orc Mercenary I did as a commission. This one got away from me a bit, and I put more into it than I was supposed to. (Much to the chagrin of Editors/Friends. >_<)

What can I say? I love painting Sci-Fi!
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Sick you really got the cyber tech vibe down stick with sci-fi your really good at it.
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Thank you very much!
Just had to come in and comment - this is my character. My brother commissioned a portrait of Crusher for my birthday back in the day. I was just blown away by your attention to detail when I first saw it. Since I know Crusher so intimately, having imagined him myself, it's so cool to see you hit all the right details. Folks may not notice a lot of the details - ARES ALPHA is printed on the side of the rifle, Crusher's favorite assault weapon. His cyberarm, the hint of his cybered eyes beneath the glasses, his signature hat (to hide his horns and help keep a low profile). Thanks for bringing him to life!
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That is FANTASTIC! XD I'm so glad you liked it! I take pride in trying to capture the personality of a character through the details of their belongings. Thank you for this, it was great to read. ^_^
I wanna play a street cowboy!
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This is too awesome. The gun part, the hand and the flare from the guns shots looks almost...real.
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HAHAH wow ok i found the clean version of this linked on the shadowrun forums and its now my wallpaper on my phone! then i find this one way to go great work!
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That's great! I'm glad you like it. ^_^ I don't suppose you have the link to that forum? I'd love to see what players thought of it!
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Very nice, impressive effort
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chuck norris just got a upgrade it appears
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Thank you for letting us feature your Amazing work! :iconfantasyfans101::iconshuffelinplz:
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Wow this is also amazing!
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He's gunning for Blue Eye? I really like the integration of the A.R. displays.
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See, this is why you rock: You notice little details like that. XD
*high five* Yeah, he is! Kind of an Easter egg there, and I don't have a particularly good feeling about Crusher's odds there, but maybe if he had some friends...
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I wanted to say more but was busy looking after my squirrel. I also continue to be impressed by the inclusion of logos and print on the various pieces of equipment. As it should be in the world of Shadowrun.

Maybe he isn't gunning _for_ Blue Eye but on his behalf, or having to make a renegotiation with him in the middle of a firefight.
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I must say that i'm glad you got carried away, looks amazing, love all the holographic info screens around the gun.
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Thank you! They turned out well, and I'm looking forward to playing with the idea further in future commissions.
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oh and i was looking on the clean version as well, and yes you do put in a lot of small minor details, definitely adds a bit of flavor that most people overlook
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