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Worlds Apart

Limited edition prints are available right now and only until 11 June, 10 AM EST.
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This is one of my  favourite illustrations I've ever done and challenged me in a really good way. I wanted to caputure the feeling of longing, but also being lost. I hope you like it!



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I don't know who is better, the girl or the city

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gorgeous. It makes me dizzy though (internal ear way too off) but definitely gorgeous

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Just wrote a story based on this picture! Hope you enjoy!

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Perfect title and really encapsulates the sentiments of being lost.

Lost and longing for what is seen but seemingly unattainable. Great job, and as usual with your work, clearly detailed! I love to see art that is realistic but conveys more than a camera would. Maybe if she stood on her head - nah... Sorry, just playing. I love it.

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Reminds me of the movie Patema Inverted
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yeah me too, it's been a long time since i saw that movie

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The upside-down city almost looks like some sci-fi illustration. Love it!

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Spectacular - amazing depth and dimension. Awesomeness.
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Is it you who is up-side-down, or is it the world? :D

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woow beautiful!!!
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@DjamilaKnopf = is this from an anime TV show or film?

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