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A little sketch I liked enough to upload here. I'm pretty sure I'm going to turn this into a more elaborate graphite piece.
Btw, I'm posting stuff like this on Instagram all the time. So if you're interested, check it out!

Music And you took your machete. And you sliced through the vines that wrapped around me.Music 

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A beautiful moment.

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I love the style!
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Great drawing!
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not finished, but decent.
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:wow: I really like how you capture so much personality and character with so few lines. It has something deeply affecting to me. Very inspiring work! Thank you very much for sharing :heart:
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I actually love the simplicity of this piece. I don't think it needs to be elaborated further, but that's just my opinion :) Great work!
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Beautiful! I love the shadings. 
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she kinda looks like chloe grace mortez
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Delightful, inspiring work; thank you for posting on deviantArt
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I like her child like features. It looks amazing.

(Not coming from a pedophile xD)
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I wouldn't have assumed. ^^
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you do impeccably elegant classical women -bravo, bravo!
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This is a very pretty little portrait. These gaze and light smile are quite magnetic. I can't stop looking at them trying to decrypt them, I have various feelings and it's greatly enjoyable.
And the little nose is really really cute!  Dummy Love 
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Like Schiele, but its own.
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What kind of paper?
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I use the "Cachet" sketchbook because it has a nice tooth to it.
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