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Summertime II (Photo Study)

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this! Painting landscapes that have that Ghibli magic has been my goal forever, and I finally feel like I'm getting close. :la:
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This is really great! Awesome job!

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Diese Landschaftsstudien sind echt atemberaubend... und ich würde sagen, dass du den Ghibli- Charme absolut draufhast! :love:
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looking at the thumbnail, i thought it was a photo. Great work, very detailed.
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This is gorgeous work!
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this picture is so comforting to look at
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Also du hast definitiv den Ghibli-Charme eingefangen Heart 
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How lovely!! This totally reminded me of a Ghibli movie scene. :heart:
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Soooooooooooo amazing! :iconcraiplz: :love:
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Wonderful artwork, simply love the homey feel of it. You're right, it does have a similar feeling to Ghibli, but for me it's even better than that, I can really feel the same feeling I get each time when I go to the countryside and see tiny houses full of flowers, or when looking at pictures of Great Britain's countryside cottages. Love the image composition and the warm colors, but especially the semi-realistic, magic illustrative rendering of the various natural textures, which imo is the main reason for its homey feel.

Simply breathtaking art for me, thank you so much for sharing it here, I feel very fortunate to have seen it :heart:
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Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment. <3
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Always a pleasure on doing so on your impressive works :heart:
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how charming! I think this is super magical!!
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It's very beautiful!
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The Ghibli-Style is on point, great. My first thought about the picture was: 'Oh, that looks exactly like a scene from a Ghibli movie (Maybe Arrietty).' :D
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Lovely piece, great varied hues of greens and ochres! Such a simple scene but so full of life. :) 
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so cozy and warm!
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I can feel that magic, something about those warm bright green hues and foliage, beautiful study!
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Ghibli magic indeed!!!! This is wonderful! so soft, so delicate, so magical! :love: :love:
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totally what SachiiA said :happybounce:
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