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Phantasma: The Wanderer

She is sleepwalking through the forest while rain spirits are dancing on her umbrella.

I hope you're not goint o freak out because this is so different from my usual stuff!
The truth is, I've been having trouble with my lower back for a while. The long hours of sitting and rendering images can get really painful. So for my personal work, I've been looking for a style that is faster but still gives me a finished look. I'm quite pleased with how this turned out.

This is also the first illustration for my personal project "Phantasma". All those characters and environments I've been sketching are part of this world and I'm excited to finally turn this into something.

If you want any of my artwork on your wall (print or original), consider visiting the ONLINE STORE
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gorgeous colors! 
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Very Lovely, soo pretty.
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Oh my.. I love the colouring style!
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Magic of colours (✿ ♥‿♥) enjoy it so much
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if you say faster style, do you mind asking how long (approximately) this took you to finish?

also, I really love your overall style, it's really beautiful and magical :D as well as your ideas!
liebe grüße (:
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Dankeschön!! :]
I drew the sketch a while back in my sketchbook. I think it took me about 45 minutes. the colouring took another hour. Had I painted it like I usually do, that would have been 4 hours or so.
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Really Gorgeous <3
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well this is rendered a bit differently than you usual works, but this is not less good.
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Das ist in der Tat ein wunderschöner Stil, das braucht gar nicht weiter gerendert zu werden :).
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Love the color scheme.
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I really like this coloring style - it's simple and soothing. Nice job!

I hope your back pain isn't too serious. Be sure to take it easy!
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This is stunning, I love the colours :)
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I like the cloak. The way its lit with all those little spirits floating around it really gives the subtle impression of a mystic person without exaggerating the point.

great work
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I loved it, this is an amazing work!
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Have you tried a standing workplace for a change?
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
I've had my eye on that standing desk from Ikea for a while now, but I can't afford it at the moment. :/
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Oh, I see. That must take a long time to assemble, but I wish
you luck with everything, Shilesque. :)
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