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Phantasma: Leigh Design

Happy new year! 2016 has been exciting, messy and bizarre in so many ways.
For me, it has been a challenge of finding my own style and voice. Of course, that search will never be over, but I feel like I've come a lot closer to what I'm aiming at.
When I ditched all the realistic painting and focused on linework instead, my style naturally started coming together.

Being able to work on my personal project PHANTASMA has helped so much during that process. It forced me to reflect on what I actually liked and what influenced me early on. Thanks to my supporters on Patreon, I was able to set aside a little bit of time each month to focus on my own work. I'm so grateful for that. <3

So this is Leigh, the protagonist. I figured it might be a good idea to draw these character concepts to really nail the designs and colours. I hope you like it!

If you want any of my artwork on your wall (print or original), consider visiting the ONLINE STORE
If you want to learn a bit more about my process or simply support my work, please check out my PATREON



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I love she! And her hair is soo awesome! <3
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i like the style and the colors,
 the hunt of the style is really a painful and an unending hunt, iv been there it for maybe 6 or 7 years , till i reached to 2 conclusions 
1- dont try to be like someone,: and this is actually what every one of us is going through, we want to become like someone so we think that this style isnt enough 
2- perfection dosent matter, : as long you have a style that can teel your story, thin what else do wee need  ?

awesome art ^_^
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I love this design so much! The color palette and styling really lends to her attitude.
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Awesome haircut 💘
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why am i only good at drawing when i use references ?
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She's so pretty 
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This character is so gorgeous and well designed, I'm blown away <3
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wonderful texture on the hair!
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cool design. I love the hair!
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I love the color palette on this...very cool-looking design! Clap 
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