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Phantasma: Jun Design

Whoar, you guys seem to be enjoying my character designs.  Thank you so much for the incredible feedback on Leigh's concept! :la:
So here is Jun, another character from my personal project. I hope you like her.

I've already gotten quite a few Korra and Sokka references on Instagram, but all similarities weren't intentional.

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Lovely-Bacar's avatar
awesome beautiful textures
cleoscc's avatar
such an amazing work :)
joufancyhuh's avatar
JaneGane's avatar
they're a bit similar :D…

Anyway, very nice work!
AngelaSasser's avatar
Awesome design! Really love her hairdo and your attention to detail.
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
Thank so much, Angela! :]
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PS freckles and skin imperfections always add charm as well.  Good stuff!
Israawilldoit's avatar
this is so awesome!! well done Heart 
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i think when going for a tribal look, of course, you end up with a character presenting some feature associated with tribal look, which  might make a few similarity with other character with a similar look.
Aside from that, yours still look rather unique, and i fell like you really give attention to details when imagining a new character. I'll add about this picture that Jun got beautifull eyes. you don't often draw clear eyes like this, i noticed.
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
I agree! Thanks. :]
And yes, I don't draw bright eyes very often becuase I myself have them and I don't want all characters ending up looking like me. :D
Haruka-rugi's avatar
i did thought it might have somethin to do with it. :D
MoralSky's avatar
I really like the look and design you put into this character!
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
Thank you! I'm having a lot of fun with these.
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PrincessBlossomStar's avatar
Lol. I shaved part of my hair off
Suthay's avatar
I love your work, your characters really inspire me to get better.
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
That's awesome. Always keep going. :]
RMaks's avatar
Love the freckles. Very life like.very skilfully done
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Thesis-D's avatar
Very beautiful. While there is a slight resemblance to Korra/water clan folks, it's not like people with partially shaved heads, darker skin tone, or tribal tattoos are anything new; when thinking tribal, alot of artists interpret it this sort of way, even production companies, so similarities are bound to occur. I'm sure that with time, you'll be able to flesh these characters out more and show how different, unique, and special they are. :)
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
Thank you! Yes, I'm just going to keep experimenting and exploring. :]
Thesis-D's avatar
You're welcome. I think these designs already have some soul; it will be interesting to see where you take it. :)
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