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Out of Place

Sometimes it's ok to not be ok.

I painted this at the beginning of the year, when the whole pandemic situation was really getting to me. Being cooped up for so long was extremely challenging. But channelling it through this illustration helped a bit.

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I feel like this expresses anxiety so we'll.

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Excellent work

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I can relate to this right now...:saddummy:

I know these challenging periods are often an opportunity to grow but I just feel regressing at this point. You've captured this mood of "stuckness" very well though, great work! ^^

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a world literally turned upside down and a face that's bored to hell, good analog to the year and good job making it.

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Captures the feelings perfectly.

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...Magnificent work ...:clap:...

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Took me a little bit to notice what is going on here. Amazing job.

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I love the background! At first I didn't even notice, but I had an uneasy feeling about the painting, and when you look a little bit closer all of the sudden you see :)

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Very good work! And all the details are stunning. The pandemic turned our lifes upside down and you illustrate this extremely well!

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