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It's been a while! How are you all doing?
I have this weird hobby where I just "walk through" places on Google Street View - especially now that I can't travel anywhere.
So this painting was inspired by a beautiful little house that I found in Karuizawa, Japan.
I hope you like it!

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LOL So I'm not the only one having used Google Street View this way !

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I absolutely love this piece and it's inspiration! Such a beautiful idea! Well done! :heart:

I like your composition. Pretty balanced
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I should do that "Walk Through" too.^^;

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Wow that "walk through" story is such eyes opening. Should start to do that too.

Very pretty piece btw! :heart:

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Ich bin einfach nur hin und weg wie toll du malst. So würde ich auch gerne irgendwann malen können *_* genau so..hach. Und so schöne atmosphären auch noch. Das klingt jetzt erstmal böse aber ich bin echt überrascht, dass das aus nem deutschen Pinsel stammt, das ist ne qualität die in Ghibblifilmen hätte vorkommen können..und sind wir mal ehrlich, die deutsche community ist sehr sehr klein und das es jemand auf so ein professionelles level Einfach wow.

Die idee mit google streetview ist auch süß. Die qualität ist natürlich schwierig, schätze ich. Aber vielleicht brauchst du nicht mehr lol ich habe aber sofort lust mich hinzubeamen..hach...stattdessen clicke ich mich wohl etwas weiter durch deine Gallerie :) vielen Dank, dass du das alles teilst und mach weiter so <3

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This is beautiful! So much of your art looks like it is straight out of an anime film. There is always such a peaceful, serene vibe to your work. It's so enjoyable to look at. Your skills as an artist are so fine tuned. With most art that I like, I can usually find some flaws in it...but not yours.I hope that very influential people open doors of opportunity for you to teach your skills to more people than you could reach on your own. You are ten times better than any art teacher I have ever had. You deserve great wealth for your art, and for teaching your skills to others!

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Wonderful artwork!!

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I've actually been to Karuizawa on one of my more recent trips to Japan. I really enjoyed being there... (Don't think I ever saw any signs that read '魔法' though, ha ha ha)

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Was the google maps complete with grandma over there too? :lol:

Just kidding. It looks beautiful.

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What a nice picture. Its feels like a place that has been well taken care of over the years. A little bit private but not isolated. Somehow has that relaxing feel to it like the house has a certain harmony with the surrounding nature. Can't put my finger on what it is exactly but you often see it in the more rural areas of japan and its small shrines... Or I've just watched to many Ghibli movies.

Overall great work especially the colors. Looking at it feels calming

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