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Published: December 1, 2015
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I feel like I'm heading in a good direction with my work. :) I've been looking at Sargent's work lately and especially the way he handles edges. So this painting is a bit looser and not as polished as usual. Funny enough this also makes it look more realistic, saves time and is more fun. So it's a win win win. :D

I always try to look at my paintings as if I wasn't the one creating them and ask myself the question "If I came across this image online, would I like/fave/save it?" If so, I succeeded in painting something that I am proud of. In my opinion, YOU should be your own favourite artist (when creating personal work at least). Who else is going to get your taste exactly right and incorporate all the themes, design elements and colours that you like?

Anyway, I tried to create a tough and somehwat memorable character here. Maybe I'm going to do a bit more with her in the future. I just love weird hairstyles! Shaved sides, dreadlocks, crazy colours - I'm all in for that! Oh, and there is the possibility for another piece called "Hunting" with similar lighting featuring a dude. Pretty creative, huh? Gathering and Hunting. Now my 5th grade history lessons pay off big time. :D

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Tinnuien Digital Artist
Hi Djamila, I know, this is an older work of yours and you are now happier doing more linework and anime shading. But looking through you gallery I find this one is such a nice painting. Funny, how you moved pass this stage and I'm now more into this painterly and loose style. I'm doing 3d right now, but also some traditional stuff and I would love to go back into digital illustration. And the style I love and wish for myself is exactly like this one :). Maybe even more loose and more about color, good shapes and brushwork than rendering. Hope you'll not abandon DA completely. I know, Instagram etc. is more fancy and has different opportunities, but I kinda regret having get rid of my old account on DA. I would have been so fun to be able to look back at my older works. 
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GallusVariusHobbyist General Artist
I feel like she's saying "These are mine. You can't have them." XD
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luftwaveHobbyist Digital Artist
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kleinirStudent General Artist
oh my god. THIS IS GORGEOUS! Great work! I can totally see how Sargent's could improve one's perception about edges and painting in general. He's amazing.
And about that question you ask yourself. I was just researching princesses for a project, you know, building that visual library each one of us has. AND THEN I came across this illustration and I literally gasped out loud "OH MY GOD" and here I am. So, in my view, this couldn't be better. Gosh.
I feel like words are nothing right now. Well...
Just congratulations and thank you for sharing this with the world :heart:
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DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, that is such a lovely comment. I'm glad my illustration could evoke such a strong emotional reaction. Thank you!
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kleinirStudent General Artist
You're welcome. I believe it would be a waste not to let you know the effect your work had on me. Keep going! :heart:
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BlueDiscipleHobbyist General Artist
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TateBlakeHobbyist Digital Artist
A glorious painting!
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Wow, really wonderful, I love it :D
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sandyx19Hobbyist General Artist
Good that you paid attention at history! :D (Big Grin)
The purple berries are such an eye-catcher!
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DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, thanks!
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RDGGHobbyist Traditional Artist
I really really love your artwork, do you mind if I ask you some question on your social media so I can learn from you and apply it to my art?
DjamilaKnopf's avatar
DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! I'm not axactly sure what you mean though. Do you want to know how I use social media to promote my work? Or have you asked me a question somewhere on another social network?
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I love your art, found you on Facebook. :)
I left a comment on one your production.
Keep up!
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DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you and welcome to my deviantart page! :)
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You're welcome!;)
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BiteMeFoxProfessional Digital Artist
So great!  
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DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
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peterg666666Professional Interface Designer
Magnificent Pixel Rose
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DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
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DjamilaKnopfProfessional Digital Artist
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XzovyArtsHobbyist General Artist
That painting is really wonderful! I love it! Heart 
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