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Essential Brush Set

I've been asked about my brushes so many times by now and I decided to finally share my favourites with you. I paint 99 percent of all my illustrations using these few brushes. I got them from the default sets, other poeple's collections and modified them to my liking. Hopefully, you'll find them as useful as I do. Happy painting! :la:
The set was created using Photoshop CS6.

If you want any of my artwork on your wall (print or original), consider visiting the ONLINE STORE
If you want to learn a bit more about my process or simply support my work, please check out my PATREON



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Wow thank you! I've used this and it is exactly what I've needed <3

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Thank you. New to this.

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Amazing, thanks so much !

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Is there a way to make the brushes into a .png or other file, my program won't except what type of file it is

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Which do you use for your lineart?

the download isn't working :(

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thanks a lot!

hi uh, i tried downloading it but my browser's registering it as no file? :(

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It's an abr file which is the format used by Photoshop brushes. You won't be able to just open it or preview it. Import it into your digital art program first.

Thanks for sharing

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ive watched your tutorial video on how to grow instagram audiences and apparently there's a link referring to this brush set of yours so i decided to check it out!

thank you for sharing these (both brush set and the tutorial on YT), it's really helpful for me who's still a beginner and still figuring out about this and that. have a nice day!

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Wonderful brushes! Can't wait to use them!!

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Thank you so much for sharing these!
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Thank you so much for sharing them, they look amazing! :heart:
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These are so great! Any chance these would work on Procreate :?
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Unfortunately, no. :[
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Great brushes!! Thank you for sharing!
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