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So I have been changing Ace for the past few years and NEVER really write down or take some proper notes of whats going on in her official story. 

basically, there is so much you don't know 
and its funny cause I have been seeing loads of stuff coming out and becoming a thing that revolves around the kind of person she has developed into. 

Anyways, Ace still a half human half robot AI. Died at 18, created at 22. (By a man called Spade)
before she died she was a drug dealer in the slums of a town called Gray's 
this place was the only huge city the world has manged to rebuild after the devastation of global warming. 
the world went though a crisis and was running out of resources. This pushed humanity to leave the planet. 
Not enough space was available to carry the last humans on Earth to a safer planet they have kept secret from the public for some time.
And by they I mean the Government running the world. 
leaving mostly the broke, disabled, and young left on Earth, They manged to survive. 
The last scientists left on Earth got together and did what they could to save the planet. And it worked. 
The Earth was starting to heal fast enough for the existing heat flares to no longer effect its surface
The human population was very low and people are worried they wont be able to reproduce from the long period of chemicals that where being pumped in the atmosphere. The birth rate was declining even when the Earth was fine, not only because of chemicals but due to the economic break down where the rich ran the world. 

Ace was born
She was born in a lab using technology and humans organs 
Children that where born in the labs where no different that the kids being born though natural human conception

Ace was 4, Children who where born in the labs where put up for adoption which was a success at the time for people who wanted to have kids. Ace was adopted. 

Her father was a man called Levi, Levi was very smart. He owned his own watch shop which creates and fixes watches. 
He was also a very big hobby kind of guy. He had lots of hobbies fixing up old things and electronics and making them better and more advanced. 

Ace would learn lots from this man growing up and soon would participate in helping her father create new things. 
Levi had one younger best friend. His name was Spade. 
Spade and Levi's relationship was based on there hobbies. They build and did amazing things with technology working forward in using it with the human body.

Ace was 14, her and Spade are working on projects together with Levi, After a few months they have figured out a way to produce a proper robotic human arm that feels and functions like a real one. 

In the time period the use of technology was encouraged. To create and improve. 
Small towns would start to build up and repopulate, thrive.

Ace is 15, Levi's dies. He got shot by someone who was finding his human robotic experiments a threat to the higher ruling classes of the world and humanity. The world was starting to gain a leader who had power though AI Technology and force with weapons the world couldn't fight against. Leader was afraid of loosing power to smart people who wanted humanity to thrive with intelligence and learning in ways we never did as humans. He knew smart people were threats.

Ace is 16, She sets off to become a Space Welder repairing things that have broke outside the ozone layer and are floating in space.
Space was not new to humans. We have gone far and wide in space.. But have been left behind on Earth with a big group of people willing to learn more about the cosmic area and its physics. Space was something that could not be touched by the Leader on Earth. Laws outside Earth and the surrounding area are non existent the area was so neglected from life in the universe. 

The leader wanted people to stop building and creating there own devices. 
He wanted to control what gets to be built and who gets to be worthy enough to have the job. People where starting the recreate society and he wanted to have control on what needs to be done. 

He thought he knew what was best, he hated having no power. He was well loved by many who ruled under his laws but outcast mechanics and scientists fought back. The freedom was being taken away they though. 

Ace, 18. She gets shot dead. Authorities where aware of her being with Levi and thought she could behold some information or skills that could lead to a weapon being made to harm humanity. The ruler felt scared. 

Spade was left. He finds Aces body and begins to try and save her after hearing her heart stopped with a small device that was planted in her since she was small. 
he manages to create a lift pod which preserves dead tissue and keeps it under good condition for life to be formed. 

Spade spent 3 years recreating Ace so that she could be functional again. She needed lots fo body parts remade and 
new parts of the brain to be created and functional 

This is where she started as Ace we know today. 

This image. This is a start to a great team. One that fights against "Humanity" 
The humans who want to take away freedom. 
The ones who want to harm the world, the Universe and the ones who preach the world is the way it is, and we have no control. 
sorry for the inactive stuff, i have been working shutdown at a power station for 4 months and was in hospital for 3 days, long story guys 
If anyone is out there... 


Im back, for now. 

Just got done doing shutdown work. 

If anyone is out there... 


Im back, for now. 

Just got done doing shutdown work. 



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