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November 20, 2009
boost by ~djahal is a breath taking image with incredible details and sense of realism. Be sure to check out the rest of his gallery!
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Digital painting - Photoshop
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malimoart's avatar
I like this. Nice and dirty. Good use of photobash, lovely painterly effect.So refreshing than those 3D sterile illustrations.Checkout for pulp digital art. 
TheSoggo's avatar
That sense of depth is breathtaking... :faint:
Lobo7922's avatar
One of my most favorite pieces ever.
Dzhulyet's avatar
:D revamp  Good drawing. 
Grafight's avatar
The flying Zamboni!!
aaawhyme's avatar
how does one even start to paint something like this?!
DELBICHO's avatar
your style reminds me katsuhiro otomo
KavotofFire's avatar
Very interested in that tall building in the background
AOGRAI's avatar
Looking at this pic is giving me vertigo! So realistic I feel as though I am really somewhere high up!
was471's avatar
Fantastic! feels like i'm right there.
aodmaster's avatar
You can just feel the sense of vertigo
TheMrBADWOLF's avatar
:pc: Looks like I've got a new phone wallpaper
SamuraiTaiga's avatar
Gives me vertigo
Anacre0n's avatar
BergOne's avatar
I keep looking at this, this is so wonderful. Thank you.
Jackichiban94's avatar
amazing, great job :D !!!
dcwhite's avatar
Nice color palette in this one. Great job.
Nils-Iver's avatar
Funny, this reminds of my dream two days ago, a rather fun dream but a much more fun veichle than that because it was smaller thus more free feeling and the birds where following even!
alekesam's avatar
Nu-oice! I like how you postioned/layered the hovercraft both over the city, the horizon line and the sky with the similar vehicle not to far off to really sell the depth/height in this piece.
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