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Nice work, but the guy on the left totally looks like he is wearing a cone hat. :)
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It's actually a weapon of some
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Great job on this.
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good work, please continue the legend (kung fu)
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Everything is awesome, BUT... the first plane fighter seem to wear a cone hat, I know is part of the back ground but the values are the same in front plane and middle ground
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Amazing work of art.
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Interesting action scene, reminds me of the Sun-Ken Rock manga
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This makes me want to see a kung-fu film or listen to Wu-Tang. Great job! The composition is just unbelievable!
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If this can be finished with the same exact details you used on some other of your works, this would be mega awesome.
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Is this concept art for some spesific movie or game?
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perfect job and motion ! fav
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wowww its realy amazing your work !!! well well i hope to keep talking whit you
see u soon
ATT: Darcia
Ave Negra 9° Arte
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No mames!!!!= Wow ten times...
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Impressive! I really like the style.
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cool perspective!,i really love the loose feel on the background.
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I love the perspective in this one - i think I envy your skills. And all the implied detail is amazing. Nice man
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Nice action and angle, esp. regarding the background. Very dynamic.
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I will forever stand in awe and disbelief at how people can render backgrounds - and characters - so flawlessly like so ;-;

Fantastic work

Did you work from reference or was that a all-from-the-mind-onto-paper work? ^____^

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