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This is a personnal piece done with Photoshop.
I wanted to have a more finished render than habitually.

Hope you like it
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looks like in prometheus!
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Another of my favourites.  You sir are an excellent artist.  A great scene of soldiers and machines working together.
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Reminds me of Half Life, great job on the realism and
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You paint the nicest rocks around.
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Wow!! Beautiful work :clap:
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great mech design
Giant robot with a minigun=win.
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The cliff seems like it would be a pain to do.
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you could use textures for that, or brushes, or just slap some photos in and paint over them
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Fantastic work & design
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Woaaaa nice design
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Your art was the inspiration for a flash fiction story on!

You should check it out: [link]
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This is the kind of thing that makes me want to be good at drawing.
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i like the crab thing
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Thank you, your work inspires a tale; I am reminded of how this planet is stronger than us, but we live awake and aware of its strength. What of them. The men and woman who portal the boards for jumpers like me. I am apart of the Sands Hollows and they reject our freedom.

As a soldier I have my reasons. You see with this canon I could trim the stone to my will. But i love it when the pulse makes contact with a jumper. Their flesh disintegrates slowly as their boy is tossed.
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Dude! This is amazing work! Nicely done! :)
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Lovely. It is amazing, really, very neatly done :).
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