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April 30, 2018
2017 | Concept art | Debt Warfare | Neill Blomkamp by djahal
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2017 | Concept art | Debt Warfare | Neill Blomkamp

Concept robots by Brian Sum
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Very nice work!!

Congratulations on your much deserved DD!  :)
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
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The flying mech designs do not have a lot of force behind them.
Blue glow under the smooth soles and two small nacelles under the arms do not give the impression of massive output, nor any system for controlled sustained flight - the Titanfall mechs had similar problems. Compare to the mechs of the Valken / Leynos series which have engines that occupy around 20% of the total mass for forward propulsion, and create enormous rocket-like exhaust jets when throttled up. Or the mechs of Armored Core, especially generations four and five, which not only have similar engine/bulk ratio but also have distributed control systems of 10-20 nozzles around the body - the mechs are practically wreathed in flames when in close combat. Some of those designs, such as White Glint of generation four, also have telescoping nozzles that retract under sliding panels, so such systems do not rule out smooth, coherent designs either.

But then again all this is completely irrelevant, because the point here is the art, and the art is utterly gorgeous.

Well done.
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Mech suits: when badassery meets technology, amazing things happen.
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That robot to the right looks incredibly similar to the Lost Planet VS.
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Really amazing light !
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