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2017 | Concept art | Book cover | Piers Platt

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Any more like this? Looking for some artwork for a book I'm writing.

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What's the red square do?
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I see a little Homeworld inspiration in this, and that's all I need to love it. Fantastic work!
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Looks like either the VF-2SS Valkyrie II or VF-4 Lightning III, both from the Japanese anime "Macross"...mixed with the Kushan/Hiigaran space fighter from the "Homeworld" video game series. And it all came out looking amazing! Impressive design!
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Very nice aesthetic. Shield/radar nacelle on starboard cockpit area is an interesting touch
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reminds me of a Veritech fighter combined with another ship i cant place at the moment (battlestar maybe)

looks great!!
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I totally agree, maybe the fighter from the old 1980's "Buck Rodgers" TV show?
Reminds me of the Buck Rogers TV show.
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That's exactly what I was going to say! Buck Rogers in the 25th century (late 70's).
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Would love to buy a print of this
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I love this piece, its as though I could reach out and touch it
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Oh wow! Awesome looking space craft!!
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I have got to get me one of those!  Great pic..
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Très cool
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Love the positioning of all of the elements. Nice work!
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