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:: RED ICE VS - 7 Version ::

By DjabyTown

So, after I decided to switch to Windows 7, I finally ported my RED ICE VS, which I released for Windows Vista before [link] , to Windows Seven.
The only problem, in my opionion, are the taskbar buttons. I didn't make changes to them, because the icon color detection is optimized for the windows 7 buttons, so that I let them how they are.


I came to the idea to make a new fresh red VS, as I saw a documentation on ntv (a german TV channel). At the beginning I had a few problems, but now I'm very proud how it came out



-added x64 system files

Package Content</i>

-Visual Style [.theme file included]
-Explorer.exe RC/RTM [x86/x64]
-explorerframe.dll RC/RTM [x86/x64]
-shell32.dll RC/RTM [x86/x64]
-uxtheme files RC [x86/x64]


-Explroer Icons -> W R E N by :iconapathae:

-Startmenu Icons -> Albook by :iconstopdreaming:

I hope you all enjoy my VS; comments and :+fav:'s are welcomed :)

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janne2be's avatar
awesome could you make red go black?
i dont´see the download link
DjabyTown's avatar
I'm sry about that. Hope your eyes will get better soon!
bazbaz974's avatar
hi folkz , dunno how to use it , any help plz ?
ggraciela's avatar
thanks some much, great
Klimbus's avatar
thank you !!!
ilnanny's avatar
awesome work .
You are very great artist!
fathness's avatar
how do you install this? and can i still change my background picture from the control panel if i like??
DragonicChiken's avatar
Hey i love the theme however still having issue with firefox, can you please point me in the direction to fix this, i tried your link however didnt work.
persians015's avatar
how to make the information bar in the upper position?
IamCoolGuy's avatar
Great job~!!!
but 1 missing thing,
you should red the taskbar too
thats an verry cool pone
starmanjb's avatar
I really like the the cool layout & color combination. It gives a clean, elegant look to my PC. Thank you so much for the time & effort you must put into this piece of artwork and I really appreciate the fact you give it to us free when you can easily put a price tag. I've seen so called junk work trying to rip us off by charging us for it! YOU have given rich meaning to the term 'sharing'. Have a great and blessed day!
DjabyTown's avatar
thansk a lot for your kind words! much appreciated :)
GNXZ's avatar
Very nice, but is incompatible with Firefox browser.
Sharu's avatar
Alright, I've got the theme and all. I extracted it to C:\Windows\Resources\Themes but whenever I go to use it, it comes up with a black background and a white taskbar. Actually, it looks in no way like what you've created. Maybe I'm missing something? Was there supposed to be a special place for each folder?
On your Dark Agility theme it doesn't seem to make MSN instant messages blink on the taskbar... a way to fix this? o;
LegendaryU2K's avatar
Using this to go with my ATI card/wallpaper
dafmat71's avatar
hi djaby, modifications are done for 7600( sytem files,...!)?
DjabyTown's avatar
hm, I think so. I will check it later
dafmat71's avatar
MysteryE's avatar
This one, too, has been featured in [link]

Can't wait to see your next theme :)
DjabyTown's avatar
yeah, actually I'm planing a new one :D
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