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:: Green Spirit v.2 ::

By DjabyTown

Green Spirit v.2 - the most complete Visual Style for Windows 7 RTM


Green Spirit, now the second version, which will also be the last one. There will be no further development on this style, but don't think I am not gonna make a new visual style. Actually I'm planing a new VS concept ;)

This new version includes many minor and some major improvements, of course you cannot see them all on the preview.

Designed for combined and non combined taskbar

Package Content</i>

:bulletgreen: 1 Visual Style (Aero and Basic style)

:bulletgreen: System Files [all available for x64 and x86]
RTM VERSION NUMBER: 6.1.7600.16385

-Explorer.exe [changes the start button]
-explorerframe.dll [changes the back/forward button]
-shell32.dll [changes images of control panel]

:bulletgreen: Fonts

:bulletgreen: README
-Read this before doing anything or asking :)


-Explorer+Startmenu Icons -> Pry by Jonas Rask

Hope you all enjoy my visual style. Would appreciate comments and/or fav's! :)

P.S.: I know about the clock bug and I have got a solution, but to solve it you need to replace another system file. I think some users might be a bit confused by replacing so much files so that I didn't include it in the download. You can contact me, if you want to have the file.

copyright Patrick Macherey || ~DjabyTown :icondjabytown:
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Wow nice this theme with transparency have a better look to see much perfect:typerhappy:

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Very nice work! Thanks for the best look that I have used in awhile. Please keep up the fine work.
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Hey Dude...wazz up?Well i have a prob...well the folders,local disc and others didn't "change" the start button change...what i have to do? :/
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I don't using this visual style, but when I install it in my friend's PC. He Impressed, just like me.
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Great job....!
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I couldn't stand the default UI theme for 7 when I first starting using it last November. I've been using this theme since then, and have never changed it. Now it's about time I say thanks for making such a great skin!
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np :) I'm glad you like it
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This is more than awesome! Thanks wow great VS! :+fav:
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is that google chrome there? how do i change the theme to use this one? D: if is not chrome then what browser is it and to change it?

please and thanks
DjabyTown's avatar
yes, that's chrome. skin is not available; useless because for a very old build of chrome
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Best theme. <3
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Great work but I have one tiny bag =( [link] Small white rectangle near shutdown button. Can you fix this?
Hallo DjabyTown,

habe mir Green Spirit v.2 runtergeladen. Alles hat wunderbar geklappt, bis auf das Ersetzen der shell32.dll und der explorerframe.dll. Habe auch schon längst den Besitzer und meine Rechte eingestellt, aber es will trotzdem nicht ersetzt/gelöscht werden, mit der Begründung:
"Die Aktion kann nicht abgeschlossen werden, da der Ordner (oder eine Datei darin) in einem anderen Program geöffnet ist. Schließen Sie den Ordner und wiederholen Sie den Vorgang."

Hatte vor Green Spirit v.2 ein anderes Theme von Dir (Dynamic Black) und damals ging alles reibungslos.
Hat das was damit zu tun, dass ich schonmal die "shell" und "explorerframe" geändert hab?

Was mir auf den ersten Blick auffällt sind die "vor-" und "zurück-" Pfeile in den Ordnern. Diese sind schwarz geblieben wie sie einst bei DynamicBlack waren.
Ich hoffe Du kannst mir irgendwie helfen, denn Deine Arbeit ist allererste Sahne, auf die ich nicht verzichten möchte!
Bitte bitte hilf mir!

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another beautiful design by you :)

oh and please could you link me to that awesomely amazing chessboardball that you have as background for the first shot - it's intriguing, and i'd love to see the whole image.
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this would be suweeeeet in pink x_x
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parece ser interesante, lo descargare y confio en que sea estable, me encanta el verde asi que JOY
srspika's avatar
i like the green, but i thiking that several grey... hahaha my inglish is bad.
yacine29's avatar
a kinda fantastic theme,I am using it now,it is a bit too gray for my own liking ,but still very good,I am also projecting to create a green visual style [link] ,I think the green is more Pleasant for the eyes then other colors ,especially in visual styles =D
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