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:: Green Spirit VS ::


Green Spirit - the most complete Visual Styles for Windows 7 RTM


Green Spirit v.2 available: Green Spirit v.2

Designed for combined and non combined taskbar

Update 18.10.2009</i>

:new: because of a windows update a new explorer.exe is required [X64 FILES UPDATED ONLY if I had x86 files I could modify them, too]
:new: some minor changes

Update 6.10.2009</i>

:new: fixed position of start orb
:new: styled "save as" window to fit perfectly to the whole style
:new: edited statusbar
:new: and some other minor changes

Package Content</i>

:bulletgreen: 1 Visual Style

:bulletgreen: System Files [all available for x64 and x86]
RTM VERSION NUMBER: 6.1.7600.16385

-Explorer.exe [changes the start button]
-explorerframe.dll [changes the back/forward button]
-shell32.dll [changes images of control panel]

:bulletgreen: Fonts

:bulletgreen: README
-Read this before doing anything or asking :)


-Animated shellstyle -> developer :iconrajtheeban95:

-Explorer+Startmenu Icons -> Pry by Jonas Rask

Hope you all enjoy my visual style. Would appreciate comments and/or fav's! :)

copyright Patrick Macherey || ~DjabyTown :icondjabytown:
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man i love em all
I love the theme but I would also like to have the same folder & control panel icons as are shown in the screenshot. The shell32.dll files that come packaged with the theme only contain the default windows icons. Are you still working on these?
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Install and work very well !!!

i give 9/10

the point you lose is for the favicon space in google chrome too large XD

continue your good goob !

Just a question like that : there a website explain how to do our theme ? because i think i will be able to do mine :D thx.
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where do you get the test preview window to test stuff?
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windows style builder
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OH. makes sense why i couldn't find it in windows anywhere.

Because i edit and create all visual things with Reshacker and PS, i have to try to figure out where the change is going to be made and see if it worked. lol.
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can you submit the .png file for the orb? i really love the orb...
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You need to fix those round corners
BADAOUI's avatar
thank u freind !

but whene can i found the pack of icons
Nice one again! I'm lovin' it! keep making themes! u should consider a dark one...very dark one.

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Yeah, maybe that will be my next project! :D
You're in Germany? Your #1 fan is in Mexico!
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nice to hear that :D
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for some reason it uses the default start button, do I need to replace a file or should it automatically replace that when I use your theme?
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please read the included readme-file. It is explained in detail there
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yea did that after I left the comment, my bad sorry :(
AWESOME! Working on W7 RC 7100. I really really appreciate you taking the time to include detailed instructions on how to install this! Now go make some more themes! LOL! =)
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yeah, actually I modified it and will upload it as a second style...
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WOW really nice Pat!!! ;)
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Another featured themes in [link]

My friend like it and he use it for his windows 7 ^^
Can you port this to vista please?
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