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:: Elegant GRAY v.2 ::

Elegant GRAY - the new version for Windows 7</u>

The style is a completely reworked visual style for Windows 7 RC and RTM

Designed for combined and non combined taskbar



Package Content</i>

:bulletgreen: 2 Visual Styles:
- one normal sized version
- minimal version [see preview]

:bulletgreen: System Files [all available for x64 and x86/included are RC and RTM files]
RTM VERSION NUMBER: 6.1.7600.16385


:bulletgreen: README
-Read this before doing anything or asking :)


-Animated shellstyle -> developer :iconrajtheeban95:

-Explorer Icons -> Pry by Jonas Rask

-Startmenu Icons -> Albook by :iconstopdreaming:

Hope you all enjoy my visual style. Would appreciate comments and/or fav's! :)

copyright Patrick Macherey [DjabyTown :icondjabytown:]
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oh of my fav themes..thanks for the update
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Nice and clean looking, elegant! :iconbugplz:
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Your themes are always great. This is no exception and I'm glad I finally found it.
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Looks good man thanks :)
A truely beautiful theme - but (there always seems to be a but) I guess I've missed something.
Parts of some windows (like the system properties) still show the original windows color, which makes text unreadable.

Please take a look at the atteached image t see what I'm talkign about:


I should add that I have not replaced the system files (yet). Maybe that's the trick? I don't really like to mess with system files...

Thanks anyway!
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system file are responsible for this are of windows.
but you should not use the system files that come with the VS, as they are out of date for sure...
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What am I missing here? I installed everything ok, I think. But the theme comes up looking dull. My computer had Aero and I expected the theme to show it. But all it shows is Windows basic. I figure it might be something I'm missing.
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hi! really great job! fantastic design.

i have one doubt: is it possible to place the status bar "under" the files area on explorer folder? like the way it is on unmodded style.

thank you in advance and congratulations again!
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Nice touch..:)
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Hi! This win-skin is the greatest ever and the only one for me.
But Ive something what looks wrong.
1. different to your screenshot Ive above menu bar round corners and border like typical windows and trancparence.
2. Some Programs use status bar which is still in style of typical windows (for exaple Firefox).
3. Firefox tab bar is in typical windows blue white fading style mainly the inactive tabs.
4a. When I add a toolbar to the windowsbar the bar get taller and the "start"-symbol became uncenter.
4b. The toolbars havent the right mouseover effect and maybe shouldnt be white.
I wish it would look more elegant like not so much button(style) more free not so many borderlines and that the windows bar get up the fading style and darker like the dark gray what you used as well.
But actually the big problem is the first one. Hope you can help me and Thanks a lot.
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could u make it in black also?
anyway, very cool skin!!
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Elegant, as always (Y)
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Looks very nice. Unfortunately, I have not patched yet my RTM. :)
Great visual style! love it!
but how did you change the icons of you system? i want the same ones!
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Just noticed.
Take ownership on explorer.exe its not enought..
We need to take full contorl on it.
its can be don via folloving command in cmd:
"cacls C:\Windows\explorer.exe /G Username:F"
(without cuotes)
where Username its your user name on PC))
Good Luck.
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Just advice to add link ( [link] ) in install instruction; About how to add context menu for take ownership in Vista and Windows 7
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Featured in [link]

Hope that you will convert this to Vista version since I still use Vista 64 bit :p
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well, it's time to switch to 7 :D
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