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Elegant GRAY VS - Windows 7 RC

By DjabyTown
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Elegant GRAY VS</u>

In my opinion, it's my completest work on a visual style, so far. Please download to see all the effects, which cannot be displayed on a screenshot.

Designed for combined and non combined taskbar

Package Content</i>

-Visual Style [.theme file included]
-Explorer.exe [x86/x64]
-explorerframe.dll [x86/x64]
-shell32.dll [x86/x64]
-uxtheme files [x86/x64]


-Explorer Icons -> W R E N by :iconapathae:

-Startmenu Icons -> Albook by :iconstopdreaming:

-Objectdockskin/-icons: ThaImpact Dock [mine is modded] / Basic5 Textual by :iconotisbee:

I hope you all enjoy my VS; comments and :+fav:'s are welcomed :)

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my favourite theme...but the start menu search bar is invisible....its so hard to type letters..pls make a version with start menu search bar
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got it working now, but now i got a little problem with Chrome... It seems that i cannot see the items in the navigation panel when i see the popup window in the "save as" option... anyone knows how i can adress this???
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I got this skin working for the most part, but the "back & forth" buttons don't change at all.... im wondering what i did wrong or did i miss a step???
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YEah SaMe HereI Cant Find the DOwnLoad OpTioN

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i cant find the download button
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anyone applied this theme to win7 sp1?
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how do u apply the theme?
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Hi, I've still round corners and white border on top and bottom. I hate round corners. I wanna have exactly the same stye like yours. Everything else looks like your design on my pc. What Ive done wrong?
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Love your work Man, seriously. But where should I put dll's from uxtheme folder ?
thanks a lot!
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Looks good, but I have troubles installing it because of the explorer.exe(original file) wont overwrite from the Window folder. Can you help me out here?
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can you make one for windows xp ?
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Does this work on 7600.16385 ? if you need the dll and exes i can give them to you the 64 bit version
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The theme will work, but I have to modify the dll and exes yes.
btw, is it .16385 and not .16384? because I'm also running 7600 x64, so if we have the same builds I can upload my exes straight away
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.16385 is the newest one, it is the one that will be rtm.
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ok, then upload the system files, e.g. on
then I will reupload them as soon as I've modified them
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ok I will upload them, just to make sure do i copy the files from system32 or syswow64
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ok there you go
thanks for all the help
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I couldnt link it through the site but it is
r a p i d s h a r e.c o m /files/262581258/New_folder.rar.html
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nevermind my previous msg. figured out the save box was due to experimenting with disabling themes in Firefox. my bad:P
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