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September 11, 2010
Dark Agility -BLUE- VS by =DjabyTown is -without a doubt- one of the most streamlined and most beautiful dark themes you can get for windows 7. in short: it's plain awesome.
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Dark Agility -BLUE- VS


Dark Agility -BLUE- the most customized Visual Style for Windows 7 RTM

I came to the idea of making this visual style through all the comments about a new black/dark visual style for windows 7. So this is the result. Hope you like it :)

This is the blue version of my previous Dark Agility VS.
It takes a bit more time than I thought, because I was a bit busy lately. Nevertheless, this is the result. I hope you will enjoy it :)

Designed for combined and non combined taskbar

Package Content

:bulletgreen: Visual Style

:bulletgreen: System Files [all available for x64 and x86]
-Explorer.exe [changes the start button]
-explorerframe.dll [changes the back/forward button]
-shell32.dll [changes images of control panel]
-timedate.cpl [changes clock diaglogue]

:bulletgreen: Fonts

:bulletgreen: README
-Read this before doing anything or asking :)


-Explorer+Startmenu Icons ->…
by Jonas Rask

Hope you all enjoy my visual style. Would appreciate comments and/or fav's! :)

Donate via Paypal…

Every amount is highly appreciated! Thank you

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copyright Patrick Macherey || DjabyTown :icondjabytown:
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como pongo este tema

How do I download? I do not see a button, but for the down arrow that leads to an infinite page of art drawings.

Excelente!!! muchas gracias, es un buen diseño, me gusta mucho

Something looks wrong, but thanks

how can I apply this theme?
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is this still supported?
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One question, the file transfer/deleting.. window appears orange instead of blue, this is intended or there's a dll i didn't paste right?
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Black+Blue=Best ♥
For anyone looking for the icons the original site was removed, and i found them here. |…
(In case you didn't catch it, to get the icons shown in the pictures you need Pry System)
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Thanks for the link
comment avoir ce gadjet svp ?
How do you get the following graphics to display?:

windows start icon
minimize window icon
maximize window icon
close window icon
search icon
navigation icons

I copied the EXPLORER.EXE, Shell32.dll, and ExplorerFrame.dll files to their respective C:\Windows and C:\Windows\System32 folders.

All other theme graphics are displaying as expected.

Thanks in advance!
ah, figured it out. One of the hidden requirements of this is to ensure the title header size is 21. You set it to 21 within the personalization of the window in the control panel (advanced settings).
This theme is great, I love it.  Only thing I cant figure out is how to get my borders to be smooth and round and not square and blocky.  I think this is referred to as classic vs aero?  When I switch over to this or the normal dark agility theme, my borders all change to a classic blocky style. 

Any suggestions?
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that link you posted is dodgey af.  can you post an actual link to those desktop icons please?
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stormking138 found them, the post is above.
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well, the creator of the icons Jonas Rask shut down his website. Maybe he has a new one, I don't know. Google is your friend 
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stormking138 found them, the post is above.
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Hi thanks for this, sorry I could only donate a few bucks, Im skint at the min, but with sensory disorder I am so very grateful for this. Thank you - RJ
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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it. 
I'm glad you enjoy my work 
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I would love to use this theme. But after what happened the last time I got a theme that used DLLs, It bricked my system. I don't trust it.
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