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Well, I have to ask. How do you feel about TLKcgi2019? (The Lion King "live action" remake 2019)

699 votes
I'm iffy about it to be honest. But I will see it.
I am SOO unhappy that it even exists!
I am holding judgement until I see it.
I am not excited at ALL to see it. I think I am going to ignore it if I can.
I don't really care to be honest. It's just another movie.
I'm excited to see it, but there's some things about it I do not like.
I think it looks pretty good, I love the original. But am having an open mind. I'll give it a chance.
I'm not excited for it. But as a huge TLK fan, I feel obligated to see it.
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On another site, I asked a weird question, and I'll ask here. "If my art had a taste, or if you imagined how my art would taste, what would my art taste like?"

135 votes
Well, that's a weird question.
I think it would taste like ______(comment)________
I cannot think of anything.
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Hey guys! 
I do so hope that 2019 has been treating you all well thus far.

I'm basically making a journal to feature some adoptables I have up for sale. 

Soo feel free to ignore this if you are not interested!

$28 Thylacine Adopts 2019 Batch 1 by DJ88  $28 Lion Cub Adopts -Batch 1 - by DJ88  Fawn Girls Adopts $30 batch 1 by DJ88  BATWinged Unicorns Batch 2 $35 by DJ88  $40 Winged Unicorns Batch 1 by DJ88  $35 Unicorns Batch 1 by DJ88  $35 Strange Canines Adopts Open by DJ88 
$30 Female Thylacine Adopts by DJ88  $30 StripedYeenas -OPEN- by DJ88  $30 Yeenas adoptables Batch 2 by DJ88  Yeena Adopts $30 OPEN by DJ88  Male Lion Adoptables $30 by DJ88  Big Cat Adoptables batch 3 $25 each by DJ88

Any info on if you'd want any of these characters can be found in their descriptions!

Thanks for checking these out.


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WELL weirdos.... It's nearly 10 days into October. And I haven't posted my usual October Journal...
Long story short. Have had a family emergency. Haven't been home or free enough to focus on art thus far this month. But things are looking up. And we are all hoping/helping/working towards a speedy recovery. Hug your loved ones. And take care of yourselves...


Well hello creeps, freaks, and everything in-between!
      Happy  Octoberween       

Enjoy the wondrously spooky atmosphere that creeps around this time of year.
Buy some new decorations for your collection. Enjoy some tricks, indulge in some treats. Face some fears. 
Carve up a pumpkin. Draw up a dark bat, a vamp, perhaps a black cat or two.
Marathon some horror movies. Get lost in a spooky documentary.
Decorate with fun, ghoulish delight. Give in to some Pumpkin Spice.
Read some scary stories. Maybe even share a scare around a fire.
Enjoy in some old traditions, and maybe make a few new ones.
Dress up. Have fun.
Draw up some horror and gore.
Or Creepy chicks galore! 

Most importantly, have some creepy Halloween fun Darlings.

Why do I wish you guys a Happy Octoberween? Instead of a Happy Halloween?
I celebrate the entire month of October in pure fun and spooky fashion. I feel like I come alive this time of year. The stores are stocked with my favorite things to collect and or indulge in. Creepy decorations are now more easily found and ready to buy and to use year round. Some delightfully dark things for the ever growing collection. My favorite horror/spooky movies are now the main attraction in stores, clothing gets darker, candles get spicier, fall makeup colors ,fall collection nail polishes. Everything. Everything, everything, everything. 
People count down the days to Halloween itself. But, October 31st is sort of a bittersweet day to me. Because that marks the END of October... The end of the "Spooky Season". And the start of the holly jolly happy shiny holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas. Which I DO love, don't get me wrong... But Halloween Season? Is my favorite season. 

Anyways... Back to the journal.

Don't forget, stay safe my dears as well.

And do find some time for an artistic spell.

Until next time,

Bye bye Weirdos  



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OK guys! I am open for 4 sketchy bust commission slots!
Paypal only. Original characters only. I don't do NSFW nudes/p00rn! 
I only do NSFW bl00d/gore!

--$30 for an uncolored sketchy pic. 
Nocturnal Carnage -Commission- by DJ88 SlimeyKitty Commission by DJ88 Cy by DJ88

-- $40 for a colored sketchy bust!

Destroyer Of Worlds by DJ88 Searchlight for a friend -Lampey- by DJ88 DaeLycan by DJ88 Missy by DJ88 Aries Ram by DJ88 Dracon by DJ88 Muertos  Commission by DJ88


1 -:iconkytt3: Colored sketch bust $40 paid
2 -:iconnala91: PAID $30
3 -:iconpirateprincss: $40 PAID
4 -:iconruskayavalkyrie: $40 PAID


I will only draw original characters. I will not draw copywrited/trademarked characters. I will not draw in copywrited/trademarked styles. I will only draw "Safe For Work" art. Nothing overly sexualized. Nothing overly violent. As far as Nudity goes, I will find a way to cover the naughty bits with hair/an item/ pose/ etc... I try to keep my gallery as tasteful as I see fit. 

This will not be first come first serve. Please leave me a comment with a link to the character you with me to draw! And a mini bio/origin of where you got the character. If you based it on something, etc...
And or a request of a custom character if that is what you wish.
That way I am not going into a commission blind. 
And please only comment if you can pay right away.

Example of things that would really help me to understand a character/what you want. It would keep everything simple and or organized.

-Character Name.

-Character's Age (especially if I am drawing anthro/human characters...)

-Character's Species

-Links/thumbnails to character.

-Origin on how/why you made/adopted/obtained character

-Mini personality/powers/likes and dislikes of character. 

-Additional notes and info regarding the character.

-What type of image you would like of the character. (colored, uncolored, etc...)

- When you could send payment.

And anything else you can think of to add to the comment.

Original characters only please. Nothing related to any movie/show/book/game/comic/etc...
I will draw human women, anthros, and feral characters. 
I feel I am best at drawing women, horses, canine, and feline, dragon, monster features.
They would be done digitally. Unless you'd the sketch to be done in pencil. Coloring would be done digitally either way. If you choose to have it colored.

I will not draw in a trademarked/copywrited style either. (AKA, I will not draw your character in the style of The Lion King, Balto, Stpirit StallionOf The Cimarron, etc...)
And I do not draw pornographic images.
So, please do not ask me for them.

I cannot think of anything else to add into this.

Thanks for your consideration! And for reading!


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Hello all! -adopts- by DJ88, journal

Happy Octoberween! by DJ88, journal

(CLOSED!) sketchy bust commissions! by DJ88, journal

Heads up yo! by DJ88, journal

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