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A zombie Thylacine bursting out of it's grave.
Why not? This is my gallery, I do what I want. Some macabre Thylacine art is almost called for coming from me. I can't always make them adorable and such.

I just imagine an overwhelming surge of energy and anger coming from this creature. Roaring/Calling out loudly into the night sky. Alarming all around that something terrifying has awoken. Enough to kickstart it back to life, or un-life. A craving of vengeance? A thirst for blood? ( funny little joke, seeing as people used to speculate/spread the rumor that thylacine were 'Vampieric'. Meaning they'd kill livestock, and drain the animal victims of every drop of blood it possessed... Oh people collectively had a wild imagination back then. ) I don't really remember if I had more of a concept for it other than a strong, angry vibe. And thought of it being a zombie. And a Thylacine. I just scribbled the pose, and liked it enough to keep adding. And my imagination/brain took over from there.

Anyways... So I had been working on this one on and off for like, weeks. It's just been sitting in my files scratching at the back of my mind for me to complete it. So I did. I just couldn't figure a color scheme for it, so I decided for a diluted one color scheme. This was supposed to be a fully colored night scene, but nothing was working for me. So I just did this. I am glad to finally have it done and uploaded. As I was fairly pleased with it. Fun fact, the thylacine, trees, bg, rock, everything that's outlined, was basically outlined on the same layer. If I remember correctly. Because I just zoned out and kept adding and adding. Ignored my usual process and whatever.

Dangit me, this would have been a good Halloween/October upload.

Oh well.

Don't know what else to add.


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This is what happens when an extinct species comes back to return the favour.
That back arching looks quite painful.
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Awesome! :zombie:

Did you hear that scientists are planning to clone a thylacine from cells from a preserved fetus and implant the embryo into its closest living relative, the numbat? That makes this imagery downright timely! :nod:
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Whoa, that's an awesome idea! You got those jaws just right! If you still want to do it for Halloween, you could have him/her stalking the countryside as a zombie or something. Probably still mostly the same as he/she was when alive, since they were already fierce anyway. Hahah. Zombie thylacine is still a neat idea. (Sorry if I sounded're the artist after all :)
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Rise, oh creature from the past!
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This is mesmerising. The shape of the head is spot-on, it really captures the not-quite-dog look of thylacines. Very cool.
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I wish this could happen.... really BT
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This is so dynamic and, as an animal driven to extinction, haunting. Gorgeous :love:
DRY-Designs-Network's avatar
An un-extinct thylacine zombie? sweeeeeet :D
Anubis-hound's avatar
Well.... that's one way to bring a species back from extinction....
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I've been waiting for someone to draw something like this! Very cool.
GoldenEyedDragon's avatar
Zombie Thylacine seeking revenge on humankind for what we did to its kind.
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I want it as a pet XD( cool BTW)
HardCoreCrocomire's avatar
a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a h
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you do creepy art so well ^^
School girls why looking sexy and hot??
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*mermaid hair flip*
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Woah, this looks awesome! I love the way you did the glow for the moon and eyes! Also, I love the color scheme!
Cynderthedragon5768's avatar
Needs more zombie o3o like holes in it, exposed bones and such. Unless this is a newly dead one
Just a suggestion<3
 Just looks like a ghostie-thylacine. 

So hardcore though<3 I love it<3
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I had a feeling someone would point out that it isn't gory enough to be 'zombie-like' lol. I was even all, "Wow, a zombie drawing from me that isn't horrible and bloody? That's different." . Though, I felt that It was roughed up enough, and that its fur was supposed to show that it's un-kept, and or has wounds. I guess re-sizing did kind of ruin the effect. And the fact that it's thin. I think it would be a more recently dead creature. Or "Fresh Dead"? And being underground, no scavenging animals had a chance to pick at it I suppose. So it remained intact and so on.
But anyways, thanks for the comment 8D
I had fun zoning out and drawing it :heart:
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