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Surfer-Metal Show

Or BikiniMetal ?

I wasn't too sure what to call it. And this image took on a life of its own. This is not the outcome I had planned. It was originally going to be a MUCH simpler image for sure.
The BG was just going to be a sunset beachy picture. Or a bonfire on the beach in the BG. But, I obviously went another way with it.

'Tis a rocker/metal chick in a bikini, playing on a surfboard inspired electric guitar. Which I think would be awesome to own. Not even to play, it would just look great in a collection. Or mounted on a wall!It doesn't even need to be functional. Though it would be cool if it was.

 Also you can see some of her bandmates in the BG. Kinda barely.

I imagine her and her band to be playing on show on a beach or something. Like a nighttime summer festival/beach bash thing a ma thing.
Maybe they're a cover band. I was listening to a lot of Van Halen and Hole whilst drawing this up. Perhaps they're playing a VH song?

I don't know. I am rambling.

I'm pretty freaking happy with that guitar to be honest. I had started to design it on my own, then had to look up some diagrams and references to really try to be on model with it. What went where, how a thing looks. What the fuck even goes on a guitar. Because I did not remember. But I was pretty close in my first sketch!. I hadn't drawn up a guitar in years, so I was a bit rusty. Had to research.
(The guitar.... I want it)


Good to draw again. I have been on and off struggling with art quite a bit as of late.

Thanks for checking it out!


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OH! ¡¡WoW!! She is fantastic ~ she can join my band anytime she wants. :heart: Great work!

As a surfer and rocker, myself, she certainly gets my vote! :D

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...seems like a radical show!...really diggin' this pic!...X3
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She is really sexy
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You ramble at length about her guitar? She looks soooo badass :headbang: revamp 
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LOL Well thank you! :D
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Yup, of course ~ Daisy you're welcome 
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Awesome, just awesome. I usually don't go to festivals or concerts but if she is playing I might reconsider.
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Maybe one day you can own a guitar like the one the rocker girl up there is wielding in real life-- like have it custom made or something! :giggle: :dummy: :w00t:
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It would be pretty rad!
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ROCK ROCK ROCK ROCK :rock: Guitar Rock Rock on :headbang: :powerslide: Metal Emote Headbang Emoticon :iconlabeatplz: Guitar Player Guitar Player revamp :iconlarockplz: :drummer: :airguitar: Rockstar Fella ( Music Band ) RockGuitar :playingrockguitar: Its RoxXx :cellorock: :stereo: revamp Rocking Out On Guitar :queenliviuswillrockyou: Nem Guitar red Nem Guitar blue guitar emote 
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LOL Thank you!! :D
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lol your welcome:D (Big Grin) 
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The guitar is a beautiful guitar, and everything/everyone else looks awesome Heart  
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Aww thank you!! :D
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Welcomes Meow :3 
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