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Siren Jessica Rabbit MerMay 2019

WELL, It's my third favorite time of year, it's  #MerMay !

Happy MerMay everyone!

Don't know what that is?
For the whole month of May, everyone is on a mermaid kick.
Draw, write, paint, etc... All Mermaid. There's prompts. And or challenges. And some people draw a mermaid every day.

I do not.
Because I cannot keep up with anything.
Because I suck


I have really been struggling to draw lately, for weeks. But today I got bit by the art bug, and decided to do some warm ups to get into the flow of things. Especially I was in the mood to draw because, well, MerMay.

So, in trying to get into the swing of things, here's one drawing of Jessica Rabbit as a mermaid!

Also this is kind of a remake of an old old OOOLLLDDDDD drawing of mine from 2011.
Jessica Rabbit Mermaid by DJ88

I have been wanting to remake it for years, and now I think I finally have Jessica's anatomy and style down enough to do a bit better than I did last time.

Also opted to not make her tail sparkly this time around, just wasn't feeling it. And added her opera gloves. Because, why not?

Background was added last second, because I couldn't think of anything else for the BG.

And what better way to kick off MerMay than with a little Jessica Rabbit? :heart:

Anyways, Happy MerMay!
Expect more merbabes from me soon!


The Character of Jessica Rabbit is © The Walt Disney Company/Amblin Entertainment. This image is a tribute/fanart.
Please be Respectful to the artist(s), You are not permitted to use this image(s)for role-playing,,Facebook Profiles, Tumblr profiles, Twitter Profiles, copying, tracing, basing, profile images, icons, sales, re-uploading, manipulations, commercial use, etc...

This is NOT a stock image

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she looks just as stunningly lovely as she always is

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Great and sexy pic.Love 
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Gorgeous and beautiful work on her
herofan135's avatar
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For a second I thought that was an official screenshot! :heart: Beautifully done!)
PirateoftheCaribbean's avatar
Oh s**t I forgot it was May. Lol.

Very nice though
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Shes a great mermaid
Nixxygirl's avatar
She looks beautiful and absolutely made for this role.

BTW. No, ya don't suck. You are talented and those who say otherwise are just being jealous. So keep going cause we all believe in you😉🤗
PJToon75's avatar
She looks so goregous as a mermaid. Beautiful work! ❤❤💜💜💖💖
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no, you don`t suck! Jessica Rabbit is perfect to be transformed into a mer. Good idea!
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With her megastar looks and her sultry singing voice combined, she could TOTALLY render ALL of the sailors and pirates on Earth useless! :evillaugh:
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Every single time I see a picture of Jessica rabbit I just think... she married a rabbit! How did a dorky doofus land such a hot babe??xD
She's so beautiful! Roger scored level 100

Besides that beautiful picture!<3 Love your Jessica drawings. You should draw her with Roger sometime.xD
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