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Raw Punk -I am running out of titles-

Some random blonde punk rocker chick, loosely based off Courtney Love (Just because she's a blonde with big red lips, and messy hair. And who doesn't love a good red lipstick? ). Singing in some shitty bar or club or something.

I could not stop listening to Love's band Hole . Specifically the song "Violet" . It's been stuck in my head on and off for weeks. I initially was sketching this chick with pens and markers on paper. And decided to give her the digital treatment. Because I dug her look.

I quite like her. And may draw her up a few more times.

Drew this yesterday btw. Been busy/distracted. Gotta make myself start drawing again.

Thanks for checking it out


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xxHarmoniousChaosxx's avatar
This looks like Scott Pilgrim's ex girl friend. Envy Adams
MrBlastSpider's avatar
A weeb slut on stage, sacrilege.
DeadCobra's avatar
She looks beautiful :lovelyeyes: 
MerryMohProductions's avatar
Reminds me of Angel from Rock and Rule.
W0lfexe's avatar
Her pose and expressions are just phenomenal!! Great work.
Nobodyspecial14's avatar
Really does look like Courtney Love. 
CherryColaBomb's avatar
Really cool, I love this look too and you nailed it. 
BlueRavenfire's avatar
KrisSilver's avatar
I thought this WAS Courtney Love, really nice :)
ChroniclesofTimeLord's avatar
Nice work! I like the clear, simple approach to the art that almost reminds me of anime style. 
Love the style. Maybe because it sort of reminds me of my own
carlos62's avatar
Looks more like a young Debbie Harry.
BeakTVArt's avatar
Really amazing. Great art style :D
shazzz999's avatar
Is this really a caricature of Deborah Harry? S.
Rick-4F's avatar
(showing my age)
Courtney who? :o
My first thought was 'Blondie'. :p
CougarHearted's avatar
Love how the photo of the naked woman in the background is folded over so that her breasts are covered up! :giggle:
WhiteKnuckleRider's avatar
This is amazing.  I can literally hear her singing in my head, the effect is that radical.  So cool, five stars! :D
RavenHeart1984's avatar
Punk emote Punk emote Punk emote :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Guitar Player revamp Guitar Player revamp Guitar Player revamp :punknoes: :punknoes: :punknoes: 
gordonphilbin's avatar
She looks amazing!

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