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Primarina V-2 MerMay2019

.... WELL.
In my last image, I had stated that :iconburi288: 's voice was echoing in my head that in Pokemon, Primarinas were usually males. And it just, nagged at me. And nagged, and got my creativity flowing.
I decided to try and have some fun, draw out of my comfort zone. And make a rugged, badass, under the sea swole biker buff beefy dude merman version of a Primarina.


And I just kept on going with it!

This was honestly such fun to do. I kept adding details and details. And I didn't want him to just be floating there, so he's bare knuckle fighting a Sharpedo. 

Why? Because, why not? 'Tis my gallery, and my brain.

I am actually also soo happy with this, because I always struggle with drawing men, and their "not Jessica Rabbit-like" anatomy.
I just never know how to pose them, what to do with their legs, their proportions are often out of whack with my sketches. Soo many issues.
I usually just don't draw dudes.

And I am loving the Sharpedo, I used to draw sharks a lot growing up. And I miss doing so.

anyways. Here he is, swole, brutal Primarina (Primarino?) mer-dude mc beefcake.

My female Primarina Mermaid </>
Primarina V-1 MerMay2019 by DJ88

Thanks for looking!

#MerMay2019 guys! :heart: 


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So basicly he is kanji tatsumi/akihiko senata from persona but water type instead of electric? XD
KirasDarkLight's avatar
Oh my gawd this made me laugh so hard. |D
Jackiefer's avatar
More like PreMANrina amiright?
lucario1's avatar
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kareja's avatar
THIS is a Merman :XD:
DeadCobra's avatar
Funny and cool
imgonnakillu123's avatar
this is one of the most weird works of arts i have ever seen but i have to admit it is really badass
Yelena1998's avatar
This is the coolest thing ever. :D
AlkseeyaKC's avatar

This is so awesome! XD

Zaneko8's avatar not what I expected at all. 0.0

I love it XD
Hatre-Keddah's avatar
Primarina? More like PriMANina...
CougarHearted's avatar
DAMN!!! I think it is safe foe me to assume that the "fight" that these two had was a one-sided affair! :omg:
DexAntares's avatar
Putting this in my favorites... it'll go perfectly with the Gerard Butler-lookin' musclebound Misty cosplayer that I find hilarious XD
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