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Nala vs..... Nala?

NO you may NOT use this image for basing,copying,tracing,altering,RPing, personal character pictures, commercial use, re-uploading, blah blah BLAH ETC.....

EDIT 7/21/13 -Wow, still getting comments on this one? XD
Again, guys.... This whole thing is Half a joke. While the changes actually DO kind of bother me between the first and second films... it doesn't mean that I am raging mad about this. This is meant to be funny, but obviously the jokes will cater more to people who agree with the jokes. So if you take offense to this or if you think I really am soo raging angry about this? Lighten up. I do actually enjoy the second TLK film. Mostly for the Outlanders, but never the less I do enjoy it. For what it was the animation was as good as it was going to get. And it's sort of impressive at some points. But yes, different teams of animators, different studios, and look at what it had to live up to. My Goodness, TLK1 is a tough act to follow.

One of the reasons why such a change would bother me, is because as an artist who draws these characters, I like to be as on model as I can. And I get so used to the way they look in one film (the first film), that such a jarring change can be, well, jarring. And can just "urk" me or any other artist who feels the same way. That's it. The changes didn't really bother me much as a kid, though I noticed them, and only REALLY started to become a bit more noticeable when I got into drawing fan-art for the movie.

So again, guys, these are jokes. It's not like I am taking such offense to the changes. They just bother me.

EDIT 1/22/13- Okay guys, seeing as I am STILL getting comments on this one. let point out a few things....

1. This whole thing is Half a joke. While the changes actually DO kind of bother me between the first and second films... it doesn't mean that I am raging mad about this.
2. "Oh there were different artists working on the films".
Yes, that is true. Both movies were made at different studios with different teams of artists. But I have seen FAN-artists who draw fairly on model to the first film, if they can do it, why couldn't professional artists??

3. "They had a cub, maybe they are older now?"
Okay... the last scene in the first film is supposed to be the first scene in the second film. The characters looks quite different. I used the color refs from both scenes, which are supposed to be the same scene. In-yet there are still those differences. It just boils down to this, and I remember seeing this on a special behind the scenes feature for the second film. They wanted to show pride rock from a darker side, which is why they darkened the whole movie. From an artistic point of view? Sure I can see it. But on a design point of view? They still changed some things about the characters. Color wise, shape wise, and soo on, that did not need to be changed. Again, different companies made the films. With different teams of artists.
But still, they didn't have to Mufasa-ize Simba. And make Nala more mature looking(and dipped in bleach, her eyes are blur green, not lightning blue!!). Especially since not that much time goes by, if any at all between the ending of the first film, and the start of the second. Even so, the rest of the second film? While Kiara is still a cub, I dont think there'd be much of a difference in their designs. Because technically that's just months going buy, as lions age faster than humans do. But when Kiara is a young adult? THEN I can see them being aged more. Because that could have been longer, maybe a year or two?

However, not matter what we say, do, or try to rationalize as fans of these films. The fact of the matter is that there are still differences. And that's that.

So you can stop commenting "maybe they're older? They had babies! Different artists made the films" because
1. I know.
2. Soo many other people have left me those comments over and over again, so you don't really need to. Or fish through the comments and see if someone has already commented what you wanna comment. Because it's getting irritating. I could solve it by disabling comments. But I don't really want to.
End Edit.

Nala was shocked and angered when She Arrived on the Set of TLK2 from a break after auditions (pfff audition?? How and Why would she NEED to even Audition!?!? She was Nala in the very first film!! She can most Definatly do the Second film!... Hell, She IS Nala!)..... When she got news from her agent that she did NOT land the role! Instead the role was given to her Stunt Double Moira!!!!!

After confronting and yelling at Moira, then being threatened to be escorted off the set, she stormed off muttering and yelling to anyone that would listen that this was an outrage! Unfair, and that the movie would BOMB!

****anyone see what I did thar????? With Naming the TLK2 Nala Moira??? ******
EDIT EDIT Here's what I did thar XD With naming the other Nala Moira:

oh don't take any of that seriously XD
Just a joke that I thought of as I went along drawing, then uploading this picture.

Why did I do this?
Here's a better question from me to you...............
"Is it me or does Nala look like she's gained some weight (in her chin LOL) and that she's been dipped in bleach in the second Lion King Film?

Her colors are all wonky o0 especially her Eyes colored (even eye makeup colors!! Obviously it wasn't the same animator, so she would look a little different (though I must say, in some screenshots she did look quite good)

And yeah i realize she is FULLY grown in the second film (and had a baby) and wasn't anorexic in the first film, but she did look more round for sure in the second one. And her color changes?? All questionable and with no definite answer lol.

And the Nala from the first film would have taken charge in the second film, she seemed A LOT more laid back and lazy in the second film.

And as much as we like to rag on the second film, it was good for what it was, despite the plot holes and the lack of character correction design and such. It was def memorable we can say that.

anywho, Just wanted to draw the two different Nalas so as we can see the ...well... differences in style and color.

OH!!! And I took the colors for both Nalas from the presentation scenes from both films
("Fluffy's" and Kiara's)

I dunno what else to write..



The Simba vs Simba picture.
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yeah.. nala's change was drastic, but of course, as she aged up from young adult to adult, but, excuse me? why did they change her color..?