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Dead Hunt

And the dead will rise.............again.
EDIT: Uploaded a bigger size, so I can make it a suitable print ;)

Zombie lions :D

the main lioness up front is actually a pencil sketched image that I scanned into the computer and just gave it the royal treatment in paint tool sai and photoshop.

enjoy ;)

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Oh man, this is hella cool!
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Thank you! :D
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I was very impressed! great artwork! Now I can not sleep:)
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i love zombies, i love lions, i love your art... O M G *-* I LOVE IT!
Inion-Revolution's avatar
I wanna see this made into a movie or something, because this is just too awesome.
DJ88's avatar
That would be a dream come true... And thank you! :D
IsharaHeart's avatar
AMC's THE WALKING DEAD....ANIMAL VERSION!!! so awsome! very creepy tho...but GREAT!!! *fave*
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I'm glad I took a look at your other work, too! c:
This is a really awesome drawing, and something unique that I have never seen before. I will continue to look through your other work and add you to my watch!
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............nightmares,here i come again!
ZombieCare-rot's avatar
omg if you ever animated stuff that was as detailed and awesome looking like this it would take you FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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ROCK ON ZOMBIE LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
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When I finally have monay again I will buy some of your prints. They're just awesome. (Could be January 'til I have money again -.- )
Opide's avatar
So awesome <3
e-maxim's avatar
Holy shit, that's nice...
lndzbrdn's avatar
Oh shi-- RUNNNNN.
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The disease is spreading...
JuhlallinenEnkeli's avatar
Sweet Jesus above, if I ever encounter this, please forgive me for planting a few rounds into my skull.
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scary but for some reason this is very intriguing 8O you did a lovely job on it!
teacupmouse's avatar
Zombie lions. Hmm, never imagined that before. Fav'd.
SacredRatchet's avatar
cool it reminds me of undead nightmare from red dead
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