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AWD Anthros $30 -HOLD-

Some AWD Anthro adopts I had made in the span of a few days, trying to work through artblock and stress.
They're for sale elsewhere for right now. But I really dug the designs and wanted to show them off here.
If they don't sell in some days, I'll open them for sale here as well.

1.- Sold :iconoatdoe: 
2.- -Hold
3. -Sold :iconmischief--chaos:


Bullet; Black Paypal payment only, sorry but I have little to no use for points at the moment.  USD dollars.

Bullet; Black This may be first come first serve! Just please have your money transfer at the ready when you make the offer! I will hold a character for about a day or two, maybe 3, if you need to get your funds situation in order. But not anymore than that. I won't hold a character for a week or two or anything like that.

Bullet; Black You are buying on the character design, not this drawing. If you get the character, then it is yours to do with it what you will. But you do not own the rights to this specific drawing that I created for it.

Bullet; Black Please do not argue in the comments section. Not that I think it would ever happen, two people arguing for a character, but don't. If you start an argument, I will hide your comments. Just don't.

Bullet; Black Until I receive payment (USD Paypal only) the character doesn't belong to you. But as soon as the money is transferred, then it's your new character!! :D (Big Grin)

Bullet; Black If you get the character then it is yours forever, and you can change anything about it that you want to change. You can even decide to change the gender. And of course YOU get to name it.   ;) (Wink)However, you are not to re-sale the character. And if you want to return the character for any reason, we would have to discuss how or what with that. (That's never happened to me before o0. Either a full money refund, or we can work out trading it back for a drawing or something. I do not know. )

Bullet; Black No you are NOT permitted to sell this character(s). I am the only one to sell this character(s). Not even the person who buys this character may re-sell this character. If you want to sell the character back to me for the price you paid for it, depending on the time or situation. That's something we can discuss. 

Only the designs of these characters are for sale, not the line-art. So, Please be Respectful to the artist(s), You are not permitted to use this image(s) or character(s) for role-playing,,Facebook Profiles, Tumblr profiles, Twitter Profiles, copying, tracing, basing, profile images, icons, sales, re-uploading, manipulations, commercial use, etc...
you may only re-upload/share if you buy one of these characters.

This is NOT a stock image(s). 
This is NOT free line-art!
And these are not for re-sale!

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yes agreed, they are beautiful..
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Such awesome looking ladies.