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A Haunting Midnight Roar

More Zombie Lions.


This time it was sketched and inked in sai. effects done in photoshop.

same lioness.


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Well...I wasn't planning on sleeping tonight anyways...
Dawnfire6's avatar
This is going to give me nightmares O.o (but i love it :3)
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I LOVE YOUR ZOMBIE LIONS!!!(i just love zombies a lot!)   your a good artist!(your one of my favorite artists on devinatART!)  good job on the picture by the way!  X3
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haunting. Love your stuff man.
HeartOnWings's avatar
This is f**king awesome!
DixieCrystal's avatar
Ha.... I will never see art the same way again! lol
LilLyon's avatar
Rarely do I really get creeped out by art.... dang; good job!!
EmeraldTheWolf's avatar
WOW! great work! very unique!
monika36's avatar
I love this zombie lion aswell as your style.
Could you do one with thylacoleo? That would be awesome :D
Mizu-no-Akira's avatar
Oh yeah :D I really like the idea of zombie-lions :D That could be a good story-idea for a new zombie-movie. Anyways... I never thought that a lion would look so strange without it's nose oô ... Love the other pic of that lioness as well ;)
X-ArtisticCreations's avatar
This made me sad. I t reminded me of a time I was watching animal planet and a lioness went up aginst a hippo. The hippo tore her bottom jaw off. The lioness obviously was going to die with no way to heal from that type or injury. She would most likely starve. D: She kinda looked like that. Her pride left her ;-; even her baby... sooo sad ><
EmbraceDarkshade's avatar
Epic on how you made the blood look like it just flung it's mouth open. Zombie lions rule!
onethousandtrees's avatar
wow I am 100% impressed and I totally had a "when you see it you will shit bricks" moment with the background superb and stunning you are amazing and that is all there is to be said.
XxFlamechibicatxX's avatar
OH, SHIT... WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE! *Cocks shotgun*
merhaleva-masha's avatar
oooyyy, it so cool!!!! Blood 8DDDDDD
petanimalia's avatar
Too scary...but can't stop looking at it!
Fyrelore's avatar
Whoa, look at dem teeth O.O
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