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how much money is my art worth?
like, if i were to ever open commissions or whatever, what do you think i'd charge for art? i want to be cheap because i don't want to overcharge people, but at the same time i want to feel like my effort would be worth something notable...
With the winter holiday and new years coming up, I just want to thank all the people who have stuck by watching me and my content, even during this hiatus of self-discovery I'm currently on. I see faces I've known as far back as 2014 still commenting or favoriting my work.I want to thank you all and I'm sorry I haven't been around. I will be coming back. I can't say when. The time isn't right. I don't feel comfortable doing it yet. But I will be back.

That is a promise.
I'll always be happy as long as I have my characters. No one can take that from me. I've built up such a big family of OCs in my head, every one of which, faces both familiar and new, I can't wait to show you all when the time is right.

Sometimes I wish I had a much bigger audience, for me to show my treasured and beloved creations with. An audience to give me feedback on them. An audience to enjoy them.

Yet at the same time, parts of me doesn't want that. There are parts of me that want to just keep these characters secret, for myself. Every one of them I've put a little bit of myself into, and they are my outlets, my vessels. I daydream all the time about them, about ideas for them, storylines, character developments, everything. Sometimes I just want to feel and experience hem in my own mind. Thinking about my characters makes me so happy. Every one of them is absolutely precious in my eyes, and I wouldn't trade them for the world. I will die with my characters.

No one can take that from me.
it still cracks me up at the fact that to this day, i still get users favoriting my old... '''''art''''' that i made with pony creator and MS Paint. like, it was so bloody long ago. i've never gone back to look at the god-awful ''''''''''content'''''''''' i used to post here, but if i did, i'd never think that i was the one who'd made them. i'd never think that there was once a time i didn't even think about drawing this shit. i go back and it doesn't feel like me. it doesn't feel or look like my account. it feels like i'm just looking at the archive of someone else's work. it's such an odd feeling to have. i still think about how i'm not improving with my art, i'm just drawing the same poses over and over again, but it's just.... fascinating to just go back and really see how much i've evolved, as an artist, as a person, mentally, physically....


holy fuck i sound like such a pretentious ass


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