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So Gio, what have you been doing?

Well, hi people, it's been a while, just a little update on what I've been up to.
Honestly just having fun as much as I can, which is honestly the best I can do with the stress of the pandemic, my country will have to go through confinement again because people don't know they have to wear masks and follow the health procedures and just keep making the situation worse when it could've been solved (srsly fuck those people, I hope they go to Hell), so yeah, I haven't even had the mood to keep working a lot on Future Prophecy, so it's still on hold.
And yes, I know this isn't artwork, but my life's been a bit on the highs and lows because of the stress of this bullshit that's going on, but I still keep my promise of whenever I feel motivated I will bring back the artwork in full force.
In the meantime, have a screenshot of me playing modded Minecraft about to get mauled by a spider.
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