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Windows Seven PDC 2008 Preview

This Windows Seven wallpaper pack is inspired by the first official screenshots of Windows Seven at the Microsoft PDC 2008. Preview here: WinFuture Screenshots Windows Seven M3


The ZIP file contains wallpaper in differect resolutions:

1024 x 768
1152 x 864
1280 x 1024
1600 x 1200

1280 x 900
1440 x 990
Update: 1680 x 1050 (Thx Lustmusket ^^)

To download, just click the "Download" button at the left of the preview.

If you want, you can share it on other sites, but please give me a comment and link to my work. Thanks!
© 2008 - 2021 dj-corny
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AimanStudio's avatar
wow I got this cute wallpaper from [link] .. Thank you
dj-corny's avatar
Hehe. glad to hear
thanks ^^
AimanStudio's avatar
haha I surprised when I got the url :lol:
Rubenernesto's avatar
Thank for share mate
thank you corny..

here are the official wallpapers that came with the latest build of Windows 7:

dj-corny's avatar
It's wonderful. But could you please link my wallpaper in your blog?
eppic123's avatar
Wäre es möglich noch welche in 1920x1200 zu adden? :D
dj-corny's avatar
Nee, leider nicht... Hab die Ausgangs-PSD nur in 1600x1200 gemacht. Hätte früher dran denken sollen. Sorry
yethzart's avatar
very nice.. I like the V & 7 style..
:+fav: and featured in my blog :D
dj-corny's avatar
Hey hey, cool...
I'm GLaD 'bout that.

Thanks ^^
yethzart's avatar
you are very welcome..
killer7ben's avatar
yeah so cool :D

cant wait for windows 7
dj-corny's avatar
yes, i want it now... let's see what the officiel Beta brings ^^
Lustmusket3000's avatar
Looks great, but please add more Widescreen resolutions like 1680x1050. Thank you.

By the way: In the folder "Without logo" are the wallpapers with logo and vice versa :D
dj-corny's avatar
oh.. ehm.. real? fuck.. thanks for info. I'll change it soon.

If you want, I will add this resolution. Give me a few minutes ^^
yadaman's avatar
What about HD widescreen resolutions 1920x1200 and 2560x1600?
dj-corny's avatar
Sorry, but as I said in a reply under this one here, I have made the PSD in 1600 x 1200. So I can't blow it up without pixelizing.

In my newest wallpaper I remind this and built it in 1920 x 1200.
yadaman's avatar
Ah. Didn't see that. ^^;
dj-corny's avatar
ah, no probs...
yadaman's avatar
hey, can I have a PSD of this: [link]

I just want a copy of that Windows Seven logo, with the starburst behind it included, without the part behind it, transparent, for personal use (yes, if I post anything using it, I will credit you). ^^;
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