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Vista Ultimate Wallpaper Black

By dj-corny

Widescreen edition in 1980x1024... Downloadable here

Windows Vista Ultimate Wallpaper black design.

Based on the Microsoft Windows Vista Aero Design.

Comments and would be great, thanks for viewing.
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© 2006 - 2021 dj-corny
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You got it wrong.
It's Windows Shit Ultimate
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Could you make a vista basic version of this?

O and just to join the argument...the key for me, is not to be a fanboy of mac or pc, or linux! I understand why some people like linux, because they totally control, it but I want my os, to do the work for me! For, me mac os 10 is the perfectmix between linux and windows. The software support, and usability and user friendliness of windows, with the security, and speed of linux! And I'm planning on getting an iMac soon, but don't worry I'm not leaving windows and linux! Odds are, ill be running windows in a virtual machine constantly, and linux, too! And ill still have one or two boxes to have linux on so I can do stuff that may get me viruses, because on those boxes it won't be a big deal If I have to reinstall, ubuntu/mandriva or whatever im using.

So I'll leave saying Don't be a fanboy, or a hater, and great wallpaper! haha.
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nice wallpaper
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Thanks For This wallpaper .
Can you Make for Vista Ultamate 64- Bit .
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Lol. Not as widescreen as I need it but Itll do =P
good wallpaper!!!
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Ups! i 4got 2 pic :D fits my transformed xp ;p :D
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On d wide screen page u wrote:
"Get standard resolution [1280x1024] here"
but this is 1152×864...???
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Re: urif

Oh shut the FUCK up, you idiot.
1) You sound like a fucktard saying "windoze". Welcome to 1996.
2) OH NO IT DOESN'T COME WITH A COMPILER? NOR AN AUTOMOTIVE ENGINE DYNO TOOL? WHAT KIND OF PIECE OF CRAP?! Of course it doesn't come with that, you're paying for an operating system, and you should be damn thankful it comes with everyday extras.
3) Yes you so fucking can listen to music, DRM or Non-DRM.
4) Since when is Office incapable of loading or saving previous versions? My copy of Word 2007 has NO PROBLEM opening Word 95 files, and saving in a compatible format.
5) Try actually USING it before you spout retarded bullshit that you overread at your Mac fanboy club.
dj-corny's avatar
Not Mac fanclub... Linux I think ;) Or... Amiga Workbench 3.1 ^^

Whatever, great comment!
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"Urif: Because you are the very first person to use the phrases "winblows", "windoze", or "micro$oft", you unique flower, you."

yes, i realize this. !care. Point is, he should actually USE Vista first. I have had very few crashes running Vista for the 9 months I've had it. Most were due to the overclock, one or two because some programs crashed so horribly (Half Life 2 when i was fucking with variables) that I preferred just punching the reset button). My PVR has been running Vista Ultima for 5 months nonstop, never shutting down, never slowing down, nothing. And it's not even a powerful system! It's a 1.6GHz Athlon XP, 512MB PC100 sdram.
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lol What's up with internet users these days :S
all they seem to do is argue over which OS is better when stuff like that is personal to the users preference, (who really cares)

but nways, dude could you send me the PSD file if you have it, I'm creating my own bootup image for Vista home premium but this would look awesome.. :(

Could you change it at all instead of Ultimate to premium :)
Nice wallpaper, fits in with my Black Vista Theme =D
Also, I dont know if you gave this person permission, but someone has posted a very similiar wallpaper to yours. Heres the link: [link]
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Damn, this is some great artwork! Much better than the stock wallpapers <3
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Oh, forgot to add, nice, clean wall!
eddieroolz's avatar
The wallpaper has nothing to do with whether if you like MS or not, urif....

I suggest you send your hate message to MS themselves.
Nah, they wouldn't listen. If they did, we (you, actually) would finally get a good OS. Of course, you could always switch to Linux, but Linux is oooh so "incompatible".

Nice wallpaper, though. But the Vista logo spoils it.
I Love Vista...
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Dont listen to the person above! I am no M$ fanboy, but the wallpaper you created is very good! Thanks!
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