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Aperture Science Logo Full HD

Resolution: 1920x1080

This is the Aperture Science Logo from the Game "Portal" by VALVe.

Logo made by me, lizenced by VALVe.

Feel free do share, but please link my deviation.

Get standard resolution here (1600x1200): Aperture Science Logo
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© 2007 - 2021 dj-corny
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you know I've bin thinking. when life gives you lemons, DON'T take them. why should i have your stupid lemons?! i didn't evan want them! I'm gonna make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! You know who I am?! I'm the guy who's gonna burn life's house down! I'm gonna get the Lab Boys to make a combustible lemon and burn life's house down!!!! - Cave Johnson.

BTW, cool pic.
Science isn't about why, it's about why not!

And why not use this wallpaper? It's one of the greatest wallpapers ever to exist in my downloads folder - combining a great video game (with an epic logo) with perfect colours and flawless style, and ultimately producing an image for which I've run out of adjectives.
Thats right im talking to you wallpaper, download now into my download folder ;)
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Wow.. Thank you very much
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aperture science "we do what we must, because we can"
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my new backround
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i used your image in this [link] thank you very much :hug:
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I used this here [link]
I hope you don't mind. :>
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Plz i would like to have your full HD redone aperture logo that you use in the video yo made on youtube D: Or at least it would be great if you could do a tutorial how to do it or whatever D: but i want it!
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Wait wait, are you saying you made the Aperture Science logo for Valve, and other artwork as well?
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Nonono.. I've redone it, but it' still copyrighted by Valve ;)
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Aw, you got me excited for a moment there :iconsadtardplz:
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But btq: I've found the guy here, who made the official Left4Dead font. He didn't know that Valve used it when I told him ^^
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Really? Link plz :eager:
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this... is... AWESOME!
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