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Aperture Science 1953 Poster

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Aperture Science was founded in 1953 and first produced shower curtains. Soon its founder Cave Johnson began research of new ways to enter showers (the Portal projects started)...

This poster is one of these when Aperture Science started researching, to build a better future.


Old paper texture by ~ofruin-stock
Electron Tube Brush by ~scott-451
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HerpDerp1337lawlHobbyist Artist
Let's create the future together!
(starting with your god damn dull shower curtains)
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GilmourApatosaurHobbyist General Artist
Would love to have a poster of this. The cross-section dwgs in the background are an excellent touch.:thumbsup:
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Why does Cave Johnson in his artist-rendered form look like my biology teacher?
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How the search for a better shower curtain led to the Quantum Tunnelling Device is quite beyond my ability to imagine!
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The Golden Age of Aperture Science!!!
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Those were the days...
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ahhh this is awesome. i actually thought it was from the game
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StarmanPhantomHobbyist General Artist
Wow, that's nice. :D *Whirr*
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thanks very much
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I want this actual poster.
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Fahryie Writer
Oh, very very impressive. I like the seemingly irrelevant sciencey scribblings in the background.
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How did shower curtains eventually lead to portals?
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Back in 1953 Aperture Science first manufactured "more hygienic shower curtains" for the military...

Here, read the history. It's so funny and sick:
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the-illustr8orProfessional Digital Artist
Fantastic! For a moment I thought this was an official poster - very well done!
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GLaD to hear =)
Thanks a lot
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I could so imagine this in the actual game. Nice!
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Hehe, would be funny to see some similar posters :D
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