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Color of [link]
Thanks to the anon on /mlp/ who colored this for me
(Unfortunately for me, these are the colors that I have the most trouble seeing with my colorblindness)
I was in a thread on /mlp/ that discussed and wrote stories for human/pony offspring called satyrs. I was disturbed by the lack of artwork for these cute little creatures, so I decided to create my own for them. This "all-business-no-play" satyr is the daughter of Twilight Sparkle. Looks like she will have to one day discover the magic of friendship...ugh...did I really just type that? I believe that the folks at /mlp/ whom I created her for named her "Glimmer" so I'll go with that.

For those that may be confused, a satyr is a creature from Greek myth with goat-like features. In classical art, they were imagined as human on top and goat on bottom. The anons in the aforementioned thread borrowed the physical appearance of these creatures, replacing the goat part with pony parts. Thus, My Little Satyr.
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She's so beauty.