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40k writefaggotry
Chapter 1: Preludes
Part 1: Mech-Wright COBOL
In defiance of the Sacred Numerical Probability Curves Illustrating Dangers Encountered During Extra-Atmospheric Travel, for once everything went to shit after we exited the Warp. Occupied as I was, hunched miserably over the edge of my travel cot spewing forth a litany of binary-encoded curses directed at the frankly deplorable manner in which my biological systems were reacting to the transition back to realspace, not to mention the distraction provided by the physical side effects, I almost managed to miss the worrying groan that suddenly passed through the deck plating of the Cargo Freighter Arturius Lux. I barely had time to register the stream of numerals that flashed across my mind’s eye, my cogitator implant’s way of informing me that the immediate likelihood of unforeseen technical difficulty had just increased exponentially, before being thrown arse over Potentia Coil into the upper right corner of my room
:icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 2 2
Ezekiel by dj-autochthon Ezekiel :icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 8 3 Maeljin 'Jin' Sparrowhawk by dj-autochthon Maeljin 'Jin' Sparrowhawk :icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 0 7 Inquisitor Jakob Morrigan by dj-autochthon Inquisitor Jakob Morrigan :icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 5 4 Machine Axe by dj-autochthon Machine Axe :icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 28 2 I give you... Deathpanda. by dj-autochthon I give you... Deathpanda. :icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 2 1
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Chiba City Nights -Part 1- :icondj-autochthon:dj-autochthon 0 2
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Wankenstein's Monster :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,369 117


Working On: Finding proper references for a character study I've been poking at for months, going back and fixing things I did wrong on old Deviations.

Listening To: Some weird dubstep remix of the Inspector Gadget Theme

Drinking: Dr. Pepper

So I'm in a bit of an art slump. I don't know what it is. I haven't been able to produce anything new in ages, I just keep going back and doing revised versions of old stuff. It's like my creative juices have dried up.

I'm going to blame bats. Mysterious, invisible, creativity-vampire bats.

Been digging the Eclipse Phase tabletop RPG lately. I've always had a bit of a thing for the whole transhumanism vibe, and that's pretty much what Eclipse Phase is about. I suggest anyone brilliant enough to pay attention to my deviantART go check them out. The core book and the Gatecrashing supplement are my two top choices.

Otherwise, not much going on. Fuck you.



John Helix
Artist | Student | Varied


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