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The Joker Acrylic Painting

This is a painting I did for my art GCSE last year of Heath Ledger as The Joker.
As you may notice it looks quite shiny in places... this is because I used tracing paper instead of ordinary paper for the background (its a really good type of media to work on trust me)
So basically the shiny parts are just the light from my scanner reflected off it so try to ignore them :)
But yeahhh hope you like it! :) x
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That is one incredible painting! Nice proportions with the close up, and great coloring and shading! Perfect!!
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Woow! This is awesome! :D What kinds of paints did youu use?
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It's an acrylic painting :)
Thanks for the fav by the way! Glad you like it :aww:
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Sorry, just read the title :XD: My bad! How did youu use the tracing paper then? :P
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This is pretty amazing XD That expression is so intense!

I wish I could see it in real life and see if those multiple shinies would be different.

Gah, great work!
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Thanks so much! :aww:
In real life you can't see all the shiny lines over the mouth and stuff... thats only where the light reflects off the tracing paper... which is kind of annoying x]

But I'm glad you like it! xx
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I loooove it.
Even with the shinies.
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