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Behold, my gayest creation yet!

... Yeah I just had this whole idea and I just had to do it. In case you're wondering, Rin/Renko decided not to join in on EoSD just because she didn't feel like it and Reimu and Marisa were handling it on their own. See? It was nothing weird, there were no "erased from continuity" metatextual shenanigans after all!

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I've never thought of Renko as being Rin, but they make a very cute couple anyway.
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Yeah, I'm not 100% sure how I came up with that specific wrinkle ... I mean I already ship RenMerry, and I guess I thought of it in terms of "ok, how can I give their relationship a better fate than 'Yukari/Merry gets separated from Renko for however-many-thousand-years'" I guess.