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Madoka Kaname Remade WIP by DizzyDimensy Madoka Kaname Remade WIP :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 3 0 Kyouka Jiro singing by DizzyDimensy Kyouka Jiro singing :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 5 0 Titus Alexius, Aladdin, Shintus Carmen and Marga by DizzyDimensy Titus Alexius, Aladdin, Shintus Carmen and Marga :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 3 Masrur, Muu Alexius and Morgiana from Magi by DizzyDimensy Masrur, Muu Alexius and Morgiana from Magi :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 2 0 Sheherazade from Magi the Labyrinth of magic by DizzyDimensy Sheherazade from Magi the Labyrinth of magic :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 2 0 Madoka Kaname by DizzyDimensy Madoka Kaname :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 0 Kurumi Tokisaki by DizzyDimensy Kurumi Tokisaki :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 5 0 Orange Heart  by DizzyDimensy Orange Heart :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 0 Morgiana vs Tiger by DizzyDimensy Morgiana vs Tiger :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 2 2 Ruby Rose from RWBY by DizzyDimensy Ruby Rose from RWBY :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 3 0 Titus Alexius from Magi by DizzyDimensy Titus Alexius from Magi :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 1 0 Edward Elric  by DizzyDimensy Edward Elric :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 3 3 Haikyuu!! lineart by DizzyDimensy Haikyuu!! lineart :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 0 Hinata Shoyo by DizzyDimensy Hinata Shoyo :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 5 0 Atsushi Nakajima by DizzyDimensy Atsushi Nakajima :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 0 0 Homura Akuma (WIP) by DizzyDimensy Homura Akuma (WIP) :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 6 0


Too Young - The Hobbit - Reader Insert
"I can hold my own pack, thank you."
It took some convincing, but the dwarves finally let you carry your own things. At first you thought they were just trying to be friendly, but after a few rather personal questions from Bofur, you reveled you were only seventeen, which you began to believe was a terrible mistake.
They suffocated you with questions and unwanted assists, not even letting you to mount your own steed without help. It was sweet at first, to see how the dwarves cared for the young, but it got annoying rather quickly.
"It's not too hot for you, is it?" Bombur asked you over the campfire while you ate from your bowl of soup.
"It's fine, Bombur."
"You didn't cool it for them?" Bofur rose a brow. "Come on, cos!"
"I didn't think on it..."
Bofur shook his head at his bigger relative while Bifur looked over your food suspiciously, but simply shrugged his shoulders and patted your head.
This wasn't nearly as bad to what other things you've endured form the company.
They would nev
:iconskullpalace:SkullPalace 111 18
Entrapment - Steve x Villain! Reader
~~~Author's Note: Since last time you guys wanted a Villain Reader so I thought why not? It does fit into the theme of #diversitymonth since no one really writes for them. Enjoy! ..I love Steve >w< ~~~
Steve Rogers had never thought twice when his fist easily contacted the flesh of another mutant- a mutant that threatened the lives of the innocents. Call it his patriotic duty, but he swore to always protect everyone against evil and to survive. These attacking mutants were the symbol of that. So here he was in the middle of Quebec, fighting an array of them while many citizens ran past him, screaming. Mutants followed them (many of them shouting and howling with laughter) either using their powers or guns. 
This pissed Steve off. Were they actually enjoying hurting other people? He didn't have time to ponder when he found the nearest one lifting his hand to pull a trigger to a shouting citizen's head. The Cap gritted his teeth. "
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 173 49
It is important (Thorin's company x reader)
Company x reader, very slight Thorin x reader. Like really very slight.
You loved travelling with the company, even though it could be strange sometimes, seeing that you were the only female.
It hadn't been easy to convince everyone to let you tag along, especially a certain dwarven king. But after disarming said king with two blades, they accepted you. Fili, Kili and Bofur had immediately taken a liking to you, so had Bilbo and Gandalf, but Thorin's ego had yet to recover from the blow.
Right now you were all camping up, and Fili, Kili and you were taking care of the ponies. When they were all secured - you pretended not to see Bilbo give an apple to his pony - you gathered around the fire.
You ate, talked and laughed  around the fire, until the topic went in a different direction.
"I'll have you know I'm one of the most handsome dwarves in this company!" Kili exclaimed.
"Of course you are, if you count in thirteenth place" Fili sniggered beside him, making you all laugh.
:iconshadowsbutnotdark:ShadowsButNotDark 33 5
The Avengers X Reader: Late Night Party (O-S!)
Avengers X Reader: Late Night Party (One-Shot!)
The following Fan-Fiction contains spoilers from Avengers: Age of Ultron read no further if you do not wish to wish to see any spoilers. Read no further if you want to end up in a corner sulking because of fangirling to hard. But for those who do wish to read this fic, please enjoy.
The Avengers Tower
    The Avengers as well as you, Agent Hill and Rhodey were sitting down in the living room drinking, chatting and having a fun time. You were sitting in a chair next to Thor, Thor picked up his hammer that was sitting beside your chair and put it on the table.
    You looked at Thor curiously; you both had been friends for quite a long time. However you had known The Avengers for even longer. You had grown up with Tony as a child; you had grown up with Natasha as a teenager. Now, you were a trusted friend of The Avengers.
    “Let’s see if you
:iconmind-wolf:Mind-Wolf 64 4
[Various Characters] X Kid!Reader (Scar)
A/N: In this story you are Ishvalan, that is all, stay amazing.
The battle with Father was long over, I myself was no longer a feared criminal, though the actions I did in the past still haunt me. I was able to walk the streets without fear, which even after so long I still hadn't quite gotten used to it. I had been slowly gaining reputation with the people of Amestris, and slowly telling of the events in Ishval, in hopes to make this land better. I had decided that today I would travel to Resembool to see Edward Elric, for he had sent a letter asking for my presence on some matter he had run upon. I had boarded the train and arrived in at Resembool later in the afternoon. I stepped off the train into the small and quaint town of Resembool. It did not take me long to track up the hill leading to Edward's home. Upon reaching the top I was greeted by Edward's so
:iconchatnoir628:chatnoir628 14 1
A Day In Central | Edward Elric x Deaf!Reader
    It was a normal day for you as you traveled into central to do some shopping. The crowd of people hurried past you as you took your time wandering from shop to shop, looking at each object for sale. Every object varied in use, size, color- all leaving you fascinated.
    You stepped inside the shop which you originally came to central for. You took your time browsing the other objects before approaching the shopkeeper and handing him the list of items that you wished to buy. He smiled at you in recognition and went into the back of the shop to get the items on your list. You wandered around the shop again, continuing to look at the various items for sale.
    It wasn’t long before the shopkeeper came back with a bag full of the items that you ordered. You smiled and waved goodbye to him as you left the shop. Outside the shop, chaos had broken out. People ran for cover as a rogu
:iconwords-of-fate:Words-Of-Fate 104 9
Romancia [Edward x Tall!Reader]
( Please listen while you read!)
You didn’t respond. Your fingers remained far too occupied with the little project set before you.
“Hey, come on. I’m freezing my ass off out here!”
You couldn’t ignore this fact. As your nimble digits worked within the white patches, they reddened and peeled from the sheer bitterness. Thick flakes falling against your face attempted to distract you from your work but such a feat could not be accomplished. You knew Edward was not one to be patient, especially in the midst of discomfort, but you were known to ignore him especially when his complaining escalated to high volumes.
“What could you possibly be doing that’s so important that I have to come out here?” he grumbled, tightening his coat around his shivering form.
“Almost done,” you assured him.
“You said that fifteen minutes ago.”
“Really, I swear I’m al
:iconthenobodyofasoldier:TheNobodyofaSOLDIER 119 34
But It's Cute! [Tony Stark x Dyslectic!Reader]
To say that any girl would feel very self-conscious about themselves while dating Tony Stark, was not even an a joke. Even a model, someone who was always on the front page of a magazine or shown on the large screens of Times Square would start doubting if they were even allowed near this genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist (as Tony calls himself).
Now imagine, you, a normal girl with a normal job, actually dating this man.
Pfft yeah right, a normal girl like you dating the Iron Man? What could Tony-freaking-Stark see in a girl from a small town, who works at a flower shop, owns a rude cat and doesn't even know the difference between red wine and white win -excluding the colour of course?
Apparently he thought it was adorable and that you must be protected like the sweet and precious cinnamon roll you were.
Alright so yes, you, a normal girl was dating Mr. Stark. The fact they the two of you had even met in the first place was a miracle itself. And to even think that Tony woul
:iconnixdex:nixdex 486 39
Dying Reader X Avengers
(Y/N) POV (duh~ XD)
(Y/n) laid almost peacefully on the pavement sidewalk as the breath was leaving her ever so slowly. Bzzzz Bzzzzz (Y/N)’s phone buzzed on the ground next to her, no doubt her friends worrying about her. reaching a hand towards the phone. (Y/N) Grabbed it carefully and saw the ID
“Tony….” Your horse voice came out as you press the answer button, placing it on speaker. “H-Hey…” Your voice cracked as you smiled looking to the stars.
“(Y/N) WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!” Tony yelled from the phone, with panic lacing his voice.
“You were right about the stalker..” Flashes of the man in a hood following you towards the tower flashed through your mind, as a groan of pain escaped your lips. “And he wasn't so happy to see me either.” you say clutching the stab wound in your stomach.
“(Y/N) Tell us were you are” Natasha, someone who you have grown to trust and care for voice rang out of the pho
:iconvipermist:ViperMist 61 16
Mature content
As I lay Dying pt 2 (Avengers x Reader) :iconsadhatter92:sadhatter92 18 8
Mature content
As I lay Dying (Avengers x Reader) :iconsadhatter92:sadhatter92 33 2
Analyzer (Child!TonyxMother!Reader)
Tony was an analyzer, that much was apparent straight from birth. It made sense, being the son of none other than Howard Stark. But sometimes you wondered just what exactly was going through his little mind...
You were sitting at the computer with him in your lap, quickly checking your husband's emails for him. Nine month old Tony was staring at it intently, sizing it up, like he wanted to see if he could take it apart and rebuild it, only better. You chuckled and kissed his cheek, reverting your attention to the important email you needed to respond to. Just as you were getting close to being done with it, Tony decided to be the little shit he was.
"While I appreciate the concerns, Stark Industries is agyyhuglfjguhi."
"Tony!" You groaned, deleting what he typed in when he slammed his hands on the keyboard.
He just giggled through his pacifier and waited for you to start typing again. He waited a few more sentences before he struck again.
"Mr. Stark and I are very proud of wh
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 165 36
Mommy Magic (Child!TonyxMother!Reader)
You heard the crying and sighed, going upstairs to your little boy's room. You opened the door, looking into the darkness.
"Tony, you're supposed to be asleep."
"Hurt!" The two-year old whined, his crying continuing.
"More teeth?"
"Yes." He sobbed miserably.
You moved over to his bed and turned on the lamp, picking him up and laying down in his bed, kissing his wet cheek.
"I'm sorry you're hurting honey, but it's almost over."
"Mommy!" Tony complained, "It hurt!"
"Tot, what do you want me to do?"
"Mommy Magic!"
You smiled and wiped his eyes, "Want me to do Mommy Magic?"
"Okay tot, but to get Mommy Magic I need a kiss."
Tony quickly pecked your lips, closing his big brown eyes. You chuckled and squeezed his foot, making him jerk a little with a laugh. You poked his side and he giggled, his beautiful front teeth showing. You smiled and quickly put your finger in the back of his mouth, frosting where the teeth were cutting through his gums. He sighed in relief and you rubbed his ba
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 259 15
Woman Of My Life (Child!TonyxMother!Reader)
"So, Mr. Stark, any special woman in your life?"
Tony smiled softly, "Yeah. She's not around anymore, but she still runs my life, damn woman..."
"Mind telling us? The interviewer asked.
"Not at all." Tony's grand smile lit up the room.
You held onto your husband's hand as you pushed, crying out in pain. Howard brushed your hair out of your face, "You're very close sweetheart!"
"Ah... Ah! Howard!" You screamed, tears leaking out of your eyes.
"One more push and it's all over!" The doctor informed.
You prepared yourself and did one more hard, strong push, soon feeling relief and the cries of your newborn baby.
"Strong, for sure." Tony said.
The doctor handed you your baby boy, your tears now of joy. "He's beautiful..." You breathed, "He has your eyes."
"The rest is all you, darling."
You kissed your
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 453 64
Mom | Tony Stark x Mother!Reader |
The metal fist crushed his father's skull with two satisfying blows, dutifully ignoring the pleas to spare his wife and killing the brilliant man. Silently he stalked to the other side of the car, where his mother was trapped and too injured to try and move.
"Howard..." She cried out weakly. Unfortunately for her, himself, and her young son back at home, he was already gone.
Tony's breath hitched at the hand when it snaked around her neck, pushing hard enough to cut off the oxygen but with a feathery grasp to avoid the bruised imprints of his fingers. He shook underneath the armor, left arm going numb again.
In an instant he was five years old, sitting at the dining room table. Mama was cutting his cheeseburger in half and he munched on a curly fry, looking up at her. She was tired and strands of hair were loose from her once tight bun, but she managed a smile for her little boy. Red coated lips, while initially forced in their upward curve, relaxed into and maintained the beauty with
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 197 18



Madoka Kaname Remade WIP
I just wanted to redraw this, because i can’t stand the old one. The picture is not done so I still have to colour it.


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