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Madoka Kaname Remade WIP by DizzyDimensy Madoka Kaname Remade WIP :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 9 0 Kyouka Jiro singing by DizzyDimensy Kyouka Jiro singing :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 6 0 Titus Alexius, Aladdin, Shintus Carmen and Marga by DizzyDimensy Titus Alexius, Aladdin, Shintus Carmen and Marga :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 5 3 Masrur, Muu Alexius and Morgiana from Magi by DizzyDimensy Masrur, Muu Alexius and Morgiana from Magi :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 2 0 Sheherazade from Magi the Labyrinth of magic by DizzyDimensy Sheherazade from Magi the Labyrinth of magic :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 2 0 Madoka Kaname by DizzyDimensy Madoka Kaname :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 0 Kurumi Tokisaki by DizzyDimensy Kurumi Tokisaki :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 5 0 Orange Heart  by DizzyDimensy Orange Heart :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 0 Morgiana vs Tiger by DizzyDimensy Morgiana vs Tiger :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 2 2 Ruby Rose from RWBY by DizzyDimensy Ruby Rose from RWBY :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 3 0 Titus Alexius from Magi by DizzyDimensy Titus Alexius from Magi :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 1 0 Edward Elric  by DizzyDimensy Edward Elric :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 3 3 Haikyuu!! lineart by DizzyDimensy Haikyuu!! lineart :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 4 0 Hinata Shoyo by DizzyDimensy Hinata Shoyo :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 5 0 Atsushi Nakajima by DizzyDimensy Atsushi Nakajima :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 0 0 Homura Akuma (WIP) by DizzyDimensy Homura Akuma (WIP) :icondizzydimensy:DizzyDimensy 6 0


Kageyama Tobio x Fem!Reader - Closet Confusion
Tanaka was walking by the supply closet when he heard something suspicious. Hushed voices and weird thumping noises.
Practice hadn't started yet but he could definitely recognize your voice and Kageyama's in there. He wondered what you were doing.
In fact, he was going to open the door when he heard another thump. He froze.
“Kageyama, cut it out!” your voice exclaimed. “If you're not going to do it, I'm just going to get Tsukishima.”
“Don't you dare,” the setter growled. “I can do this. Just...give me a second.”
“It's not rocket science.”
Tanaka narrowed his eyes. What were you two up to?
“Hey, what are you doing?!” your voice suddenly rose.
“Keep your voice down, you're going to get us in trouble!” Tanaka pressed his ear to the door as he heard scuffling and then a few grunts. He distinctly heard you whimper slightly.
“Tanaka, what are you doing?” Nishinoya's voice sounded behind him. He sh
:iconskyphoenix13125:SkyPhoenix13125 75 10
Smile?- Kageyama Tobio x Reader
  The familiar sound of shoes squeaking and volleyballs hitting the gym floor welcome you into the gymnasium. Entering the sliding doors, you watch some of the boys practicing in awe. You aren’t sure you’ll ever get over how amazing they are. Spotting a head of blonde hair, you cut across the sidelines of the gym. “Yachi!” you call, wincing as it came out louder than you had intentioned. You glance around the gym, and none of the boys luckily seemed to mind.
   Yachi smiles at you, walking over to you. “(Y/N)-san! What are you doing here?”
   ”I came to return some of the notes I borrowed.” You hand Yachi a packet you had borrowed earlier. “Thank you so much. You totally saved my butt on that biology test.”
   Laughing, she takes the notes from you. You follow her as she goes to put them in her bag. You stare out across the gym, particularly at Kageyama. Your heart jumps as you watch him toss
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 26 4
Babe- Kageyama Tobio x Reader
  Another day, another game. That was your motto at this point of the volleyball season. Days seemed to be a never-ending loop of volleyball, be it practice or a game. Not that you minded; you loved it actually. Even though you were only a manager for the Karasuno boys’ volleyball team, you looked forward to each day. Even on days like this: the days you arrive at the school at six in the morning on a Saturday to catch the bus to a tournament.
   It was rough, but it was definitely worth it.
   Yawning, you lean into Hinata’s side as you wait for the rest of the team to file into the bus. He blinks tiredly and chuckles. “Do I make a good pillow, (Y/N)?” He teases through a yawn. You only hum in contentment, closing your eyes for a moment.
   ”Oi! You gonna take a nap in the parking lot or get on the bus, dumbasses,” Kageyama complains. You frown, peeking at him through one eye. He impatiently waits at the door of th
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 22 5
Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto x Villain!Reader) 3
Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader
How does obsession turn into depression?
Possibly from when you make a stupid mistake, only to realize that all along the feelings you had assumed them to be… were not that all.
He sulked over the paperwork at his agency, ignoring the other heroes chatting about. He had alread not been the most social butterfly of them all, but everyone could tell he was feeling less talkative than ever before.
“I heard he got his heart broken.” Was the rumor going around the office.
While the rumor before of having romantic feelings had made him roll his eyes and ignore them, now that he realized the truth… he had also realized that this obsession with capturing a thief- was not because he wanted to serve justice.
It was because he enjoyed their little game. He liked playing the big hero trying to capture the naughty villain. He liked the rush when she appeared and even more so the adrenaline when she would taunt him before escaping
:iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 64 15
Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto x Villain!Reader) 2
Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader

“You want to talk?” Todoroki’s voice held a tone of disbelief.
“Is there a problem with that?” You smirked back, taking a sip from the glass of water you had helped yourself too.
“Maybe the fact that you broke into my home and are casually sitting on my chair like you’re not a wanted criminal?”
“I only want to ask you a few things, maybe answer a few of yours in return. And then we can resume or game of cat and mouse. You can chase me a little bit, only for me to get away yet again, how does that sound?”
“I would much rather arrest you right now on the spot.” He flatlined his voice.
“And I have no issue with that if you're capable of doing that… but at least humor me for a moment.”
He narrowed his eyes, an internal battle occurring in his form. His left side sternly ordering him to grab the girl and throw a pair of cuffs at her at this moment, she di
:iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 60 8
Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto x Villain!Reader) 1
Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader
⅓ - Contest Prize
There were only 2 sounds that could compete with the loud booming of your feet along the pavement at this very moment. Each connection of your worn out sneakers to the very cracked and much older pavement echoing through the air.
The first sound was that of the rain itself. The millions of droplets falling, hitting and cascading down the buildings and objects along the streets. The water making the ground more slick than usual, your mind having to take an extra precaution because of such. One wrong step and you could easily slip into a bench or trashcan.
The second sound was that of sirens. The flashing lights reminding you that you were not exactly model citizen number one, or any for that matter. Instead you had been on the high alert list for not only the police department, but also various hero agencies across Tokyo.
The pitter patter of your feet, mixing in with the torrential downpour and ear pitching sirens were not
:iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 92 8
|To Tame A Tiger|
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
“And might I ask why I’m greeted by the Phantom on my balcony? I don’t ever recall being given a notice about meeting you,” you stated, eyes narrowing at the man taking up space in your apartment. It didn’t take long for you to figure out it was the infamous thief of hearts. After all, his silhouette was practically the only thing lit up in your dark room.
You continued on to say, “As much as I like surprises in my routinely life, there are some things that I do not appreciate.” A smirk graces the lips of the Phantom as he slips into your room, vacating your precious balcony. Hopefully, no one else saw him enter.
“Care to elaborate on what these things are?” he asked, his silky voice ringing in the silent room as nearly inaudible echoes.
“I don’t appreciate illogical things, perverts, misbehaving jackasses, and people taking my things,” you replied, raising a finger
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 47 2
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
Kurusu stares at his beloved as his slate gray eyes admired you from a considerable distance. You would, every once in a while, take notice of his intense gazing at you before quickly going back to your book. However, your lover didn’t take too kindly to such a reaction. The lack of affection from you made him antsy and even made him crave for it.
Soon, it came to the point where he wouldn’t mind just feeling your warmth on him. Your eyes widened when you felt his arms wrap around your waist and pulled you onto his lap. The noiret’s hair tickled your cheek as he buries his face in the crook of your neck.
“What’s wrong, Akira?” you asked him as you shifted uncomfortably. You could feel small vibrations as he hums against your skin. “It’s not every day you try and do something like this.”
“I don’t, but today, I simply want to love,” he mumbled. You smiled at how cute h
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 133 6
Persona 5 – Phantom x Reader
A sigh escapes your lips as you slowly pulled off your wet blazer. You clearly told the kids in the neighborhood to be careful not to spray the hose as they filled their inflatable pool. Of course, they didn’t they listen to you and proceeded to mess around, causing you to splashed with the cold liquid. You continued to strip off all your clothes, eventually just having the blouse and your undergarments left.
“Pervert,” you hissed as you heard sounds coming from your balcony. Growling, you turned to face away from the balcony, hugging yourself with your arms to keep warm. He chuckles as he strolls calmly into your room.
“Good evening, princess. May I join you?” Turning your head, you glare at him from over your shoulder.
“If you mean to join me by taking your clothes off, I’d rather you not. What do you want, Phantom?” you asked warily, wondering why he would visit you moments before
:iconreinakitty274:ReinaKitty274 154 23
Mature content
Corrupted Little Bird (Male!CruellaxReader) Epil. :iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 388 63
Mature content
Corrupted Little Bird (Male!CruellaxReader) Pt.3 :iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 300 59
PARALLEL (Yu Narukami x Reader)
Parallel – A Yu Narukami x Reader Fanfic
    You wake up to a soft light shining over your eyelids. Bangs are plastered across your face after a good night’s rest. Wondering why your alarm didn’t go off this morning as you moved your hair out of your eyes, you groggily get up out of bed and walk across the room to open up the blinds and take a look outside.
Something seems… off. Maybe? Does it? No, that would be ridiculous. You think as you quickly shake your head and lightly hit your cheeks a few times. However, for some reason, you can’t seem to shake the feeling that something isn’t quite right here. Where is your alarm clock? It should have woken you up a while ago! The sun is shining brightly outside through the window you still stand by. Your eyes seemingly close on their own as you take a moment to bask in its early morning warmth.
    Yu Narukami sat drinking juice
:icon0spacewritter0:0spacewritter0 43 3
Never More [Narukami Yu x Reader]
Today is the day Yu will leave back for the city. His stay in Inaba has come to an end. Ever since everything returned back to normal and the Midnight Channel became no more, everyone's feelings were at ease; except for yours. Your heart isn't going to rest anytime soon, especially now that Yu is going home.
You're often at the Dojima residence, helping the family with their daily tasks. Being that you're Yu's girlfriend (and often partnered with him and both of your personas in the Midnight Channel), you're automatically thought of as another member of the household. You had opted to meet up with Yu at the train station instead as you're overwhelmed with the very thought of having to say 'goodbye' to help.
"Uwahh, that looks so yummy! Are you making spam musubi, big bro?" Nanako beams up at Yu, resting her hands at the counter.
"Yes, Nanako-chan. They're [First name]'s favorite," he smiles, prepping the last set of spam musubi.
"And here I was thinking you'd making something more intr
:iconsourumeitos:sourumeitos 81 5
Crave | P5: 2 | Persona 5 Protagonist
You love his little mannerisms and quirks.
You love how mysterious he is.
Maybe… you’re becoming obsessed?
He’s a beautiful young man. Somehow so beautiful that he made you hurt. In the wild, hungry streets of Shibuya, an enigmatic love was blooming. Love? Definitely. But somehow, your own feelings still puzzled you. Your dreams still plagued you, but at this point, you were welcoming them with open arms. You wanted more of him, to hold him and plant kisses all over his face. Lately, however, he had started to look tired, ragged, and blatantly exhausted. What ailed him? You were curious as to ask. But you hadn’t yet. He could see it. You knew that he could see the concern in your expression.
Recently, a thief had grown infamous among Shibuya. His calling card was often left at his next targets, which was daring and bold of any thief. Still, your father, one of the head detectives at the police station, was also becoming exhausted. He was out
:iconpastelyosuke:PastelYosuke 123 7
StevexVillain!Reader When You're Evil
Voltaire-When You're Evil
When the Devil is too busy

And Death's a bit too much
They call on me by name you see,
For my special touch.
Steve walked briskly down the hall of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s base. He was tense. As everyone in the base should be at this moment.
If they knew the gravity of the situation they would be.
As he approached the end of the hall he felt a building sense of dread. He didn’t know what would come of this.
They had never managed to catch this menace before. All Fury had told him before he came was that Clint, Tony, Pietro, and a Hulked out Bruce had managed to apprehend the source of their constant unease over the past three months.
The door swung open before him and he entered a small dimly lit room. Three walls were bare, the fourth was home to a large one-way mirror that revealed a brighter room.
:iconkikizara13:kikizara13 316 102
If I Had Known Then (Akechi x Reader)
Physically, you were sitting alone in a booth at Leblanc. A cup of steaming hot chocolate warmed your gloved hands, which were cold from the December air. If any other customers had been present, upon seeing you stare blankly out the window, they would have correctly assumed you were spaced out.
Mentally, you were in a yacht proudly sailing through a ruined Japan.
Every time you revisited that moment, you felt even more confused. Why did he do that? After everything he revealed to the Phantom Thieves, why sacrifice himself to save you and the others? What feelings were stirring in your heart, any why were they so strong? Nothing but questions surrounded the incident. You were completely mystified.
Before, and even now, you hated his guts. Both you and Ryuji shared an intense dislike for him. Whenever you heard his voice, you nearly boiled over with anger. Just hearing his name on TV was enough to temporarily put you in a bad mood.
What changed? You asked yourself, closing your e
:iconmirror-of-roses:Mirror-of-Roses 12 5



Madoka Kaname Remade WIP
I just wanted to redraw this, because i can’t stand the old one. The picture is not done so I still have to colour it.


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