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Tutorial: Quick and Easy Color



I apologize. This may take forever to load.

So, I was feeling really lazy and art blockish.. and I drew this picture of me with artblock... and then I was working away at coloring it while still feeling incredibly lazy and I thought "hey.. since I can't really do anything productive artistically, I could make a coloring tutorial"

You see, I never really colored stuff before when I had art block.. and then I realized it could be really easy and fast. Sure, it takes some practice to get familiar with everything.. but once you have that down, it's really just a simple four step process per layer. And then it's done!

Of course, if you don't have artblock, you can probably be a little more creative with the technique. It's still handy :D

So yeah. Here are the texture sites that I mention in the tutorial:

and of course... deviantart [link]
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Thank you for this helpful Tutorial! :hug: